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Training Articles
Have Trouble Pacing Yourself in a Race? How to be More Consistent
Helpful guide! Training is complete, all that's left is to run well on race day, but how do you not slow down at the end? By following this guide to learn how to pace right so we can run better & faster when it matters.

There is nothing more satisfying than crossing the line of a race knowing you’ve got it right… You paced it perfectly, didn’t blow up, ran strong,... 

How to Know if Heart Rate Training is for You
Articles online never make it clear whether heart rate training is good or bad. This article explains when it is good for runners, and when to stay away. Also gives the pros and cons, as well as things to watch out for. Very helpful!

Some people are perfect pacers. Without a watch, they can sense, within a couple of seconds per mile, how fast they are going.  For runners like this,... 

How to Eat to Perform as a Masters Runner
Masters runners cannot get away with eating the same way as when we were younger. This article has some helpful, practical advice on how to eat healthy as a master to feel strong and stay fit as you age.

As all masters runners know and understand, things change as we age. We’ve already covered the need for more focused strength training, more recovery,... 

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Nutrition Articles
Do I Need to Take an Iron Supplement?
Runners know the importance of maintaining iron levels to run fast, but it can be confusing especially when high iron levels can be dangerous. Finally, an article that explains why we need iron, and the serum ferritin levels to start and stop taking it.

Iron levels are undoubtedly an important consideration for any runner. We hear over and over how important iron is to running well, and most of us know... 

Will Magnesium Improve Recovery and Increase Strength?
There are so many foods we need to include in our diet, but what makes Magnesium so special? Interesting findings about why we all need more to run better and how it can improve our long term health in many ways.

Runners are always interested in one of two topics; injuries or how to get faster. If you are struggling with some kind of niggling pain, or even worse,... 

Do You Need to Take Fuel During Your Race? Find Out Here
Taking fuel during a half or full marathon can prevent hitting the wall, but what about in shorter races? Here is how to determine when you need fuel depending on the time you spend running it. Very helpful guide to use in the future.

You already know how important it is to consume carbohydrates during a marathon. Running at a fast pace plows through your carbohydrate resources, and... 

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Injury Prevention
Running with Bunions? You Need to Read This
Bunions are a common runner problem no one wants, but it happens. Is surgery going to help? It does not have to mean the end of your running career, if you take care of it now. Helpful unbiased article on how to help decide what to do next.

There are certain things about being a runner that you just learn to accept. We know we finish a race as a sweaty, salty mess. We know that you will need... 

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Strength Training
Higher levels of testosterone and hGH result in faster running, but masters hormone levels drop as they age. This circuit will increase levels using the 4 variables to get the most effective workout to raise levels (and stay injury free!).

If you’re a hardcore distance fan, you probably know all about allegations concerning Alberto Salazar, head coach at the Nike Oregon Project elite... 

4 Ways to Prevent and Treat Posterior Tibial Tendon Pain
Posterior tibial tendon pain can make you wonder if you will ever run pain-free again. Conservative and aggressive treatment options in this guide can help you return to running, and prevent it from coming back in the future.

Sharp pains in your arch or foot. Visible inflammation along the tendon. Stiffness in your ankle joint. A popping sensation. Sore to the touch. Do any... 

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General Articles
Team RunnersConnect has a splendid weekend as team members record 11 Personal Bests

Becky Venter ran the Queenstown International Marathon 10k and finished with a time of 46:37, which was a 50 seconds PR! A year ago I ran my first ever... 

Team RunnersConnect racing strong across the world as athletes brings in 12 PRs this weekend

Ron Darin ran the Gulf Bank 642 Marathon and finished with a time of 3:57. Second marathon in 27 days made this a challenge. I thought a PR was highly... 

Team RunnersConnect has solid weekend as team members notch 15 Personal Bests

Chris Carrier ran the Naperville Half Marathon and finished with a time of 1:44:07. This was a personal record by 15 Minutes. The race was set up totally... 

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Podcast Interviews

Struggling to Relax? Yoga is What You Need- Cara Gilman
Runners tend to be Type A personalities, and that can make relaxing difficult. Most of us have considered yoga to help our running, but this may be just what you need to make it stick....for good this time.

Thanks for tuning in to our latest episode. I can’t wait to tell you about the changes that are coming to the podcast. We tend to put ourselves into buckets, but we can’t always define ourselves in this bucket or that. You might be surprised to learn... 

Do You Want to Improve as a Runner? It’s Simple, Sleep More- Dr. James Maas
If you are not sleeping enough you are NOT performing to your potential. Dr James Maas tells us how to determine if we are sleep deprived, and why we all need to consider getting more in, above everything else.

Today we’re talking to the inventor of the phrase “power nap.” You’re going to learn so much in this interview, and it’s going to change the way you look at sleep forever. It turns out that counting sheep isn’t as effective as we thought,... 

The Female Masters Runner Episode: How to Stay Injury Free- Bennett Cohen
Female masters runners have few resources available when it comes to running. Bennett Cohen has some advice just for you; how to run your fastest times ever, and prevent injuries. Nice to see information for masters for a change!

Today’s emphasis is the importance of following a training program that takes your gender and age into account. Our guest has been coaching women runners for quite some time, and today we find out why. We discuss the noticeable difference in motivation... 

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