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Training Articles
9 New Ways to Stay Motivated as an Older Runner
I had a really hard time adjusting to running as a master at first. Especially when you know your PRs are behind you. These tips from Miss Zippy will change your perspective, and bring new life to your running.

The day comes for all of us, no matter how competitive or talented, when our times start to slow down. For some, it’s a day of dread. Years of hard work... 

How to Succeed at Running as a Master
I like that there are more of these articles out there now! Masters runners need different training to open runners. Helpful article explaining the 3 main ways we need to adjust our running to prevent injuries and race well as we age.

Masters runners are just like open runners. Except when they’re not. Before we dig into this article, let’s start by saying that everyone is an experiment... 

Have Trouble Pacing Yourself in a Race? How to be More Consistent
Helpful guide! Training is complete, all that's left is to run well on race day, but how do you not slow down at the end? By following this guide to learn how to pace right so we can run better & faster when it matters.

There is nothing more satisfying than crossing the line of a race knowing you’ve got it right… You paced it perfectly, didn’t blow up, ran strong,... 

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Nutrition Articles
5 Tips to Get Back on Track With Your Nutrition
We all ate too much over Christmas and the holidays. Join us and get back on track with your healthy eating to make sure we are ready for our spring races.

Somehow we are already back to January of another year. Time just seems to speed up, especially over the month of December. We are now at the end of the... 

Is a High-Fat Diet Healthy for Runners?
This might change the way we all look at our pre-race meals! The latest research on whether a high fat, low carb diet is better for runners than traditional pasta dinners and bagels. Plus 27 healthy high-fat foods to include in your diet.

Trends come and go in the running world. Often, it’s hard to tell what will stay and what will fall by the wayside. Not many people are wearing Vibram... 

Sugar for Runners: Just How Bad is it?
Yes! I can keep my chocolate! We know added sugars are bad for us, but as runners can we get away with it? In some ways, yes! Helpful guide showing how to know which types and how much you can have.

It seems the media chooses a food group each week to target as the source of all of our health problems. As such, it is very stressful to know what advice... 

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Injury Prevention
What are the Benefits of Kettlebells for Runners?
Have always wondered about this, great article! Kettlebell training is here to stay, but can it help runners stay injury-free and run faster? Here is the research, and how to add it into your training.

Though its roots go back several centuries, kettlebell training burst onto the fitness scene about ten years ago. It may have started as a trend, but it... 

What Type of Cross Training is Best for Injured Runners?
Injuries suck. Cross training is never going to be as fun as running, but if you do it right, you could come back stronger and faster. I always wondered which type would keep me fittest, this is helpful to understand which activities work best for runners!

You love running. At least, you love it when you can run. But you can’t right now—you’re injured. When you’re looking at a long stretch... 

Running with Bunions? You Need to Read This
Bunions are a common runner problem no one wants, but it happens. Is surgery going to help? It does not have to mean the end of your running career, if you take care of it now. Helpful unbiased article on how to help decide what to do next.

There are certain things about being a runner that you just learn to accept. We know we finish a race as a sweaty, salty mess. We know that you will need... 

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General Articles
Team RunnersConnect has an incredible weekend as athletes brings in 8 PRs and several Age Group awards

Tony Malinauskas ran the Terrain Mud Run 10k and finished with a time of 56:28:03, which was a PR! WON MY AGE GROUP, and came in top 20 of 453 runners... 

Team RunnersConnect racing strong across the world and brings in 3 PRs this weekend

Sascha Fennel ran the Course du Soleil Half Marathon and finished this distance in the time of 1:42:47. This morning, while making plans for my running... 

Is There a Best Breathing Rhythm To Run To?
Learning how to breathe while running is tough, especially when your lungs feel like they are going to explode. This article is helpful in explaining which method may work best for you, and how to run efficiently as you improve.

One of the most common problems faced by particularly those new to running is lack of breath. After all, it’s hard to run very far if your lungs feel... 

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Podcast Interviews

Why You Don’t Have to be the Best or the Fastest to be Inspiring- Julie Benson
Such an inspirational podcast! Must listen! Julie Benson shares her heart wrenching story of the Boston Marathon bombings (while racing for Sandy Hook children!), and how she overcame her eating disorder to find comfort in running.

Three years ago on April 15th, two pressure cooker bombs were exploded by terrorists during the Boston Marathon. Today I got the chance to have a really amazing, intimate and eye opening interview with one of the survivors. She has overcome that obstacle... 

Do I Need a Running Coach? Why Every Runner will Benefit- Jamie Dodge
Every runner, no matter what level can benefit from a running coach, but it can be difficult to know who to trust. Hear the story behind Coach Jamie Dodge in this interview. Runners Connect is a great resource for runners, and if you are looking for a community training environment, this is what you need!

Welcome to this episode of Run to the Top, where we’re joined by one of our own coaches to talk all about RunnersConnect, how she got involved with it and her life story in running. Ladies, and gentlemen, meet coach and friend, Jamie Dodge. Not only... 

How to Progress Your Training for Long Term Success- Mark Kennedy
New and experienced runners each have their own reasons for starting to run; weight loss, to be healthy, to race, for fitness, but it is also important to make sure it is also fun. Mark Kennedy has some great advice for runners, especially when it comes to fueling correctly for marathons, and progressing your training.

Nowadays when people decide to start running (especially around the holidays) they usually do it to lose weight, begin a healthier lifestyle or even as hobby, perhaps. But it’s crucial to never forget why you’re running: because it’s fun! Enjoy... 

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