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August 15, 2018
Runner Dude and the Value of a Run Coach

The Value of a Coach with Runner Dude Thad Mc Laurin

Great Athletes Utilize Coaches Michael Jordan. Phil Mickelson. Michael Phelps. Meb Keflezighi. Even the greatest athletes have coaches. Or rather, ESPECIALLY the greatest athletes have coaches. Will working with a coach transform you into an elite runner?... 

August 8, 2018
12 Minute Athlete v2

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training with Krista Stryker the 12 Minute Athlete

Krista Stryker – 12-Minute HIIT Strength Training. We all could benefit from it. But who has time for it? What if you’re still fairly new to fitness or running and don’t want to invest in hundreds of dollars of equipment? What if you don’t... 

August 1, 2018
strength with coach jeff

Strength Training for Optimal Running with Jeff Gaudette

Jeff Gaudette – The Importance of Strength Training One of, if not THE, best way to improve your running AND prevent running injuries is by implementing strength training into your training program. But where do you start? How should you start?... 

July 25, 2018
Qualify for Boston with Coach Stephanie

Qualify for Boston A Closer Look With Coach Stephanie

Stephanie Kay Atwood – A Closer Look at How to Qualify for Boston In this week’s episode our host, Stephanie Kay Atwood, expands on her marathon training method and goes even deeper into what the plan looks like and how it has helped athletes... 

July 18, 2018
Run Walk your way to a boston Marathon Qualifier

Run Walk Your Way to a Boston Qualifying Marathon with Coach Stephanie

Stephanie Kay Atwood – Qualify for Boston Using Run Walk In this week’s episode our host, Stephanie Kay Atwood, runs solo from across the border in Mexico with a tried and true training strategy for Boston Qualifying (BQ’ing): Run-Walk. That’s... 

July 11, 2018
Copy of Peak Performance RTTT (1)

Brain Tools for Peak Performance with Dr. Michelle Cleere

Dr. Michelle Cleere – Easy Brain Tools For All Athletes What if we could unlock the power of our mind to create the mental toughness to be at our best, with both running and life?  Psychologist, bestselling author, athlete and teacher, Dr. Michelle... 

July 4, 2018
Run the National Parks Moab RTTT (1)

Run or Race the National Parks – Moab, Canyonlands & Arches with Denise & Justin Ricks

Justin and Denise Ricks, owners and founders of Mad Moose Events, join us on this episode of Run To The Top. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Moab and Canyonlands National Parks, Red Rocks in Utah or Colorado Springs, you might as well race there, too. Running... 

June 27, 2018
Copy of Simon Ong

Half Marathoner Simon Ong from 230 Pound Couch Potato to 1:18 for 13.1

By his early 20’s, Calgary native and current resident, Simon Ong’s diet and lifestyle had led him to obesity which created a slew of health problems. In 2011, he determined to get his health back, Simon started exercising and while he didn’t start... 

June 20, 2018
Recovery Nutrition with Tailwind Nutrition and Dr. Art Zemach

Race Recovery Nutrition with Dr. Art Zemach and Tailwind Nutrition

Have you ever experienced gut issues during training or racing from a product that was supposed to help you feel better? We know that proper fueling during and after endurance performance and training is crucial, but what exactly do our bodies need, when... 

June 13, 2018
3rd Place Finisher at Boston Marathon Krista DuChene

Boston Marathon – What it Takes to Get to the Podium with Krista DuChene

Krista DuChene 3rd Place Finisher Boston A couple episodes or so ago, RunnersConnect coach, Laura MacLaine suggested we bring on Krista DuChene to the Run To The Top podcast. Krista was the 3rd place finisher in the 2018 Boston Marathon. She has run 15... 

June 6, 2018
The Great Bangladesh Run v2

Ultra Runner Arafat and The Great Bangladesh Global Run

The Great Bangladesh Global Run Day June 6, 2018 is Global Running Day. Run to the Top celebrates the global nature of running as we learn what it is like to run, and race, in Bangladesh. We are joined by Mohammad Shamsuzzaman Arafat who, to honor health... 

May 30, 2018
Runner's Knee with Dr. Cameron Dennis

Runner’s Knee Interview with Dr. Cameron Dennis, PT, DPT

Oh, the dreaded term Runner’s Knee! It may be a safe bet that every runner has been told by a well-meaning well-wisher that “Running is going to mess up your knees…” or something to that effect. In this interview Dr. Cameron Dennis explains... 

May 23, 2018
Laura McLean RTTT

Running Tips from RunnersConnect Coach Laura

Coach Laura McLean From RunnersConnect This week we get to hear from, and learn some running tips from one of RunnersConnect’s own coaches: Laura McLean. Laura is a certified endurance coach and also trained as coach for athletes with disabilities. She... 

May 16, 2018
Lisa and Julie RTTT

Epic Boston Marathon 2018 (& 2013) with Julie Sapper & Lisa Reichmann

When Lisa Met Julie…? Well, it was 2009 via a mutual friend and they have since formed Run Farther & Faster, a running coaching program in Washington DC. Coach Lisa Reichmann is an experienced Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) certified running... 

May 9, 2018
Jane Beedle London Marathon RTTT

Great British Bake-off Takes on London Marathon with Jane Beedle

What do the Great British Bake-off, the London Marathon, and pure grit (mixed with a fun spirit) have in common? Jane Beedle, that’s what! A gardener, a baker, a London Marathon racer? Why not? This week we speak with 15-year veteran professional... 

May 2, 2018

Improve Your Marathon Nutrition with Jackie Dikos, RDN, CSSD, CLT

Many of us want to either train for, or improve upon, a great marathon finish. So we log miles, minutes and hours of running each week. We focus on endurance, speed, flexibility, strength and mental toughness. And, of course, NUTRITION. You wouldn’t... 

April 25, 2018

What Makes You a “Real” Runner: Interview With Jill Angie

Have you ever felt that you weren’t (or aren’t) a ‘Real Runner’? Maybe it was because of a perceived lack of speed, perceived body image or something else. Well, you’re not alone and we have just the guest to help reframe any negative self-talk... 

April 18, 2018
Dr. Brianne Min An Photo RTTT

Plantar Fasciitis and IT Band Injuries with Dr. Brianne Showman Brown

Plantar fasciitis and IT band injuries are words that every runner will come across eventually – hopefully only in an article and not from personal experience. Let’s face it: Nobody wants a seat on the injury bus. But sometimes we end up there... 

April 11, 2018
Boston Marathon Winner Amby Burfoot

Meet Boston Marathon Winner and Run Forever Author Amby Burfoot

Boston Marathon Winner Amby Burfoot writes about the spirit of running forever in his newest book, just released. OK, we know that nobody actually runs forever. But, Run For As Long As Possible doesn’t really have the same ring. And when most runners... 

April 9, 2018

Do Custom Training Plans Work Better Than Basic Plans?

A few weeks ago I published a post with the data on the success rate of basic training plans. I held off on publishing the data of our own custom training plans because I wanted the focus to be on the analysis of the basic plan data and not appear like... 

April 4, 2018
Bob Anderson v2 RTTT

A 50 Year, 50 Week, Long Run Challenge with Running Icon Bob Anderson

One race a week for 50 weeks at 7 minutes per mile at age 64! In this episode we speak with Bob Anderson photographer, filmmaker and founder of Runner’s World Magazine, My Best Runs and runner-finisher of a grueling year-long race challenge that consisted... 

April 2, 2018

Why the Training Between Your Goal Race Might Be More Important Than Your Actual Race Training

There’s a common theme I’ve seen emerge the last couple of years with runners I’ve talked to. Simply put, it’s neglecting the training in the months between goal races. It could be “taking a break during the cold winter months”... 

March 28, 2018
Tony Post Topo Athletic

Shoe Drop Transitioning and More with Tony Post of Topo Athletic

This week we introduce to you Tony Post, Founder of Topo Athletic, an innovative running shoe company that launched in 2013. Tony harnessed over 30 years of industry knowledge and competitive running experience to create a company with a range of shoes... 

March 26, 2018

Why Basic Running Training Plans Don’t Work

Today marks a somewhat historical day in RunnersConnect. We’ve stopped providing basic training plans – PDFs, Excel, anything that isn’t personalized; free and paid. Why you ask? Well, we found that they just don’t work. Last year... 

March 21, 2018
Ali Feller RTTT by Brian Cristiano 1200

NYC Marathon, Dogs, Crohn’s Disease & Overcoming Adversity with Ali Feller

Meet 3:51 marathoner, author of the Ali On The Run blog and host of the Ali On The Run Show podcast, freelance writer and editor, Ali Feller. Ali’s appearance on this week’s episode was suggested by listener, Angie Sherman and for that, we are certainly... 

March 14, 2018
Sandi Baird at SRK Headshot Day in Oakland

Running Injuries – How to Avoid Them, How to Treat Them, and How Sitting Kills Our Running with Dr. Sandy Baird

In this episode, Dr. Sandy Baird shares her personal journey into chiropractic care, her approach to injury prevention and treatment, nutrition, and footwear. We also learn about different self-treatment and prevention exercises to help keep us on our... 

March 7, 2018
Vishal by Paul Nelson Photography copy 2

The Importance of Hydration (and tips for how to stay better hydrated) with Vishal Patel

It’s understood that we need to stay hydrated not only during physical activities, but in general. But how can we improve the efficiency with which our bodies use hydration? A former collegiate track and field athlete, Vishal Patel has worked with Olympic... 

March 5, 2018

Why You Might Not Lose Weight (and Even Gain Weight) When You Eat Less and Run More

There’s a saying that I simply love as a coach and athlete: Simple ain’t easy. This phrase applies to a lot of what we hope to accomplish as runners to get healthy, get fitter, and lose weight. If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s... 

February 28, 2018

Should You Consider Barefoot Running and Paleo? Interview with Dr. Brett Hill

While admittedly not a super-athlete growing up, Dr. Brett Hill was naturally drawn to distance running and the mental determination it required. As he studied to become a successful chiropractor, he realized that his lifestyle habits directly influenced... 

February 21, 2018
Dorothy Beal1020X

Balancing Work, Family & Training with Run Cover Model & Mother of 3 Dorothy Beal

You could easily say that freelance writer, professional blogger, public speaker, coach, 3:11 Marathoner, wife and mother of three Dorothy Beal has a lot on her plate. Like many of us with busy lives outside of our training, Dorothy has had to learn how... 

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