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RunnersConnect Masters is exclusive and premium content, seminars, and courses to help you stay healthy and accelerate your improvement.
This is your opportunity to access exclusive content guaranteed to take the uncertainty out of training and help you run faster… for the price of two cups of coffee.

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For less than two cups of coffee, you get a suite of training tools and exclusive content to improve your running instantly. Plus, ongoing access to Masters only webinars, coach chats, training courses and challenges.

Actionable Content That Gets You Results

RunnersConnect Masters is more than just premium content, videos and seminars. It's a system to prevent information overload and give you the specific tactics to take action and start improving. Every week you'll be able to implement advice specific to you to improve faster and get the results you work so hard to achieve!


How is this different from your blog?

Most importantly, we focus on making the content actionable and specific to you. It's designed to help you improve faster. With RunnersConnect Masters you can get your questions answered on our live coach chats, learn and ask questions during our live seminars, and learn with our premium video courses. The material will be higher quality and available in multiple formats as well.

Is there a training plan included?

Not with RunnersConnect Masters, no. There are a few reasons for this. Most importantly, we do not believe in stock or template training plans. We've found they just don't work. We have custom training plans available as part of our Coaching Mastersgrams. In addition, in our surveys we've found many runners already have a plan they like. Our goal is to help you make those plans work better for you.

Do I get coaching with RunnersConnect Masters?

RunnersConnect Masters does not include formal coaching. However, each month we will have two live events where you can ask questions (or submit them beforehand so we can answer live). While this is not coaching, it does Mastersvide you access to specific answers to your questions.

What if I want to cancel?

That's totally fine. The weekly email you receive will contain a link to cancel. It's just one click. You'll retain access to RunnersConnect Masters for the remaining time you've paid for.

How long does the special $9.95 price last?

If you sign up for the $9.95 price, the cost will never increase for you. You will remain locked in at the $9.95 rate until you decide to cancel.