About Us

team-rcThat’s us. Your team of expert coaches and fellow runners dedicated to helping you train smarter, stay healthy and run faster.

We love running and want to spread our expertise and passion to inspire, motivate, and help you achieve your running goals.

Our Philosophy

At RunnnersConnect, coaching isn’t a hobby for us; coaching you isn’t a side gig. Coaching is our passion and our commitment to you. Whether you want to hit a marathon best at 2:40 or 4:20, whether your 5k PR is 17:00 or 32:00, the key to improvement is in the training and the ability to stay consistent.

  • We’re not here to sell you the latest “run faster without trying” scheme and we don’t claim to have the “super-secret, hidden formula that will transform you into a running god or goddess”.
  • We also believe you’re an experiment of one and that there is no one-size-fits-all way to train. We hate template plans and simple answers to complex questions.
  • We believe that if we create a meticulously researched training schedule that is customized to your exact fitness level, and then provide you with a team of experienced coaches to answer your questions and support your training, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. We follow this up by connecting you to a supportive community of fellow runners to inspire and motivate your running.

More importantly, we’re supportive of all runners no matter your speed, goals, size, age or experience level. Running is one of the only sports where it’s all about pushing yourself, not competing or comparing yourself to others.

Our Story


RunnersConnect was founded in 2011 with the goal of helping runners find real, research-based answers to questions about their training and avoiding the latest fads.

As a runner, reading about training concepts can be an overwhelming experience. First you read in one source that X workout is the best way to get faster. Then you pick up another source and read about workout Y, which is all you need to finally run faster.

Soon, you’re left questioning your training after every workout and long run, always wondering if there’s something better.

Our mission was to evaluate all training concepts, new ideas and new products and then dig deep into the research so runners could get the real information on if, why, and how something worked and make it easy to apply to their own training.

Once we become quite good at this, we started offering custom training programs and plans that took this information and formatted it into easy-to-follow, actionable plans.

But, there was a problem…

We realized that even when you have all the research and technical understanding at your disposal, running is still a mental game. All the physiological understanding doesn’t help after you have a bad workout or as the nerves build-up for a big race.

As coaches, we noticed this when preparing about 15 athletes for the Boston Marathon. They all had the same questions, fears and anxieties as they progressed through their workouts and as a coach, there’s only so much you can do reassure an athlete.

We thought “what if we could connect these runners with each other so they could see it was normal to feel tired on that long run or talk to someone who had been through the training before”.

And that’s where the idea behind our customized training and group coaching was born.

Since then, our community has grown and we’ve helped coach thousands of runners each year as we continue to distill the latest training concepts, explore the efficacy of new fads and help runners train smarter.


We hope you’ll join us as you strive to be the best runner you can be. Whether it be signing up for our awesome emails (we publish 2-3 articles per week), subscribing to our podcast, or officially joining the RunnersConnect team, we’d love to help you.

Happy, healthy running!