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The perfect solution if you just need a customized training schedule, but don't need support or updates throughout your training cycle or outside motivation to keep you on track.

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Work exclusively with one of our expert coaches. Your coach writes your training in 3-4 week blocks and adjusts based on your feedback. With unlimited questions and answers, schedule adjustments, and feedback, it is the most comprehensive coaching option

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Bill Keefe
Age: 65
If you’re an older runner and you’re not sure you can improve, let us show you how we helped Bill turn his 5k pace into his half marathon pace and beat his blood pressure issues


Colleen Balling
Age: 59
Many runners think you have to start young. Let us show you how we helped Colleen - who didn’t start running until her late 50’s - run her first marathon and BQ

Melanie Triscott
Age: 40
If your performances are sliding and you’re not sure how to get back on track,let us show you how we helped Melanie beat her 3:18 PR from 2004 (when she was 26) at age 40


Laurie Householder
Age 45
If you’re like Laurie (you have a big family, a demanding job, and other obligations)learn how we helped her beat decision fatigue and smash all of her goals (so you can too).

Bob Muehring
Age 57
If you're struggling with injuries and your body isn't quite working like it used to, learn how we helped Bob through injuries and poor performances to 3 PR's in one year.

Chris Carey
Age 49
Learn how we helped Chris rebound from a disastrous first marathon and crush his next race - all by actually training slower (and smarter)


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Here's more runner's we've helped more runners like you

  • Beginner Runners

  • Joy Duling - Training To Lose Weight, Get Healthier, and Run Her First Race
  • Dean Roberts - From Often-injured Beginner to Healthy, Racing Veteran
  • Paige Poray - First Time Runner Finishes 5K in Just 2 Months
  • Kimberly Dewrell - First Time Marathon Finisher
  • Boston Qualifiers

  • Eric Nordquist - 25 minute PR to get under new Boston Qualifying standards
  • Peter Tiscione - Needed to drop 4 minutes to qualify for Boston...PR'd by 10 minutes
  • Rich Heinzeman - Personalized workouts result in a 9-minute PR
  • Richard Harris - From First Race Ever to Local Elite
  • Masters Runners

  • Mike Bosch - New-to-running Masters runner becomes one of Canada's best
  • Kara Schmidt - Experienced Masters runner rekindles her passion for training and racing
  • Tim Parker - From Often Injured Master's Runner to New Personal Bests in 6 Months
  • Jim Cherry - A 16 Minute PR at 10k
  • Runners with Hectic Schedules

  • Dan Frengel - Working Around an Unorthodox Schedule For a 10-minute HM PR
  • Hannah Jennings - Teacher Works Around Busy Schedule to Crush All of Her PRs
  • Laurette Balinsky - Busy Lawyer Adapts Training to Break 19 Minutes for 5k

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Kara Schmidt
When I first signed up for the RunnersConnect community I didn't know what to expect. Were they all going to be fast runners that would look down their noses at my measly 10-11 minute per mile pace? Would they snicker at me behind the safety of their screens and just shake their head at the girl pretending to be a runner? I figured I had nothing to lose so I jumped in with both feet. What I found was a diverse group of runners that offer wisdom and support in amazing ways I never thought possible. I feel a true comradery with my teammates and look forward to seeing their running progress daily. I've made some amazing friendships with people from all around the world through RunnersConnect. I wouldn't trade that for anything now. Kara Schmidt - Improved from 2:08 to 1:57 Half Marathon
Dean Roberts
One of my favorite parts of RunnersConnect is to not have to worry about constructing and maintaining my own training schedule. I really enjoy all the articles and blog posts about what makes a good schedule, why things are done the way they are since they give me the confidence that training being proposed is valid Dean Roberts - First time marathoner
Peter Tiscione
Qualifying for Boston had always been a big running goal of mine. I had trained hard over the years, but kept coming up short on my qualifying runs. RunnersConnect really helped me target my workouts and I dropped my marathon PR by over 10 minutes to blow past my Boston Marathon qualifying time. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. I'll be toeing the line for Boston in 2011 and I can't wait! Peter Tiscione - Dropped 10 minutes to qualify for Boston
With the responsibility and stress that comes with being the head of a small product division, running is my sanctuary. Although I don't strive to win any races, I do want to see myself consistently improve. Having RunnersConnect write my training schedule, and more importantly, all my optimal running paces, helps me keep my running a stress-free and fun outlet. When I wake up in the morning I don't have to think about what my next run will be or if it will be the most beneficial way for me to improve; RunnersConnect takes care of it all. I always feel like I can maximize my training time and my results. When I have a training hiccup or miss a day, the community is right there to keep me motivated and figure out how to adjust. I recommend RunnersConnect to anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their running and enjoys the peace of mind that comes with being coached by an expert. Margaret - Rochester Hills, MI
Dennis Moore
Since joining RC, I have run four more HMs with a current PR of 1:56:27 (my first HM was just under 2:10). I finished my first FM last fall. The races are awesome, but the biggest award I believe is having gone from "I'm not a real runner" to "I'm a runner with miles to go." Dennis Moore - Kansas City

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