Meet Your Coaches

Our community is centered around runners of all ability levels, so don’t be intimidated by the times that some of our coaches have run. We specialize in coaching runners of all ages and ability levels. Having run fast ourselves only means that we’ve had the opportunity to train under, and learn from, America’s best coaches. If you were learning to play golf, would you want to learn from Tiger Woods or some guy who played in high school? Running isn’t any different from golf – you deserve to learn from the best. Our coaches are some of the most accomplished you will find anywhere.

Tina Muir

tina muirPosition: Community Manager

Years Running: 14

Personal Best:

5,000m – 16:08
10k – 32:24
Half Marathon – 1:13
Marathon – 2:37

Originally from England, Tina moved to the States in 2007 to pursue her running career.

An 11 time Division II All-America athlete for Ferris State University, Tina capped off her collegiate career by finishing 3rd in the 10k at the 2012 Great Britain Olympic Trials. Tina spent two years working as an Assistant Coach for La Salle University, a Division I University in Philadelphia, while completing her MBA.

Tina is a member of the Saucony Hurricanes Team, and represented Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the 2016 World Half Marathon Championships.

Tina has a very popular training and fueling blog; Fuel Your Future with Tina Muir, which attracts readers from all over the world as a source for recipes on how to fuel correctly to maximize performance, as well as training advice and inside information on what life is like as an elite athlete. You can check out Tina’s blog here.

Now living in Central Kentucky, with her husband Steve, who is the Head Cross Country and Track Coach at Morehead State University.

Michael Hammond

michael hammondPosition: Head Coach

Years Coaching: 3

Personal Best:

800m – 1:49
1500m- 3:37
Mile- 3:57
5k- 13:58

Michael is a graduate of Virginia Tech where he competed in cross country and track, earning two ACC titles and four NCAA All-American honors. His individual efforts led his team to four ACC team championships: one in cross country, two in indoor track, and one in outdoor track.

Since exhausting his collegiate eligibility, Michael has competed post-collegiately- formerly as a member of Furman Elite in Greenville, South Carolina and currently as an independent athlete. He now trains at his alma mater while also serving as a volunteer assistant with the team.

Michael’s passion for helping athletes succeed began while counseling high school runners at cross country camps. Since then he has coached several local athletes of various ability levels while continuing to gain experience at the college level.

Sarah Crouch

sarah-crouch-running-coachPosition: Assistant Coach

Years Coaching: 2

Personal Best:

Mile – 4:44
5K: 15:49
10K: 32:37
10 Mile: 54:15
1/2 Marathon: 1:13
Marathon: 2:44

A two-time Olympic Trials qualifier, Coach Sarah has been running for eleven years, first at Hockinson High School, in Hockinson, Washington, then at Western Washington University, then professionally as a representative for Reebok through the ZAP Fitness group in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Sarah currently resides and trains at high altitude in South Lake Tahoe, California with her husband Michael, (also a professional runner with ZAP Fitness).

Coach Sarah first discovered a passion for coaching in 2009 when she began coaching young women through the Girls On The Run program. The passion for running and improvement that Sarah experienced among these young women inspired her to pursue coaching those of all ages and abilities. Respected for her knowledge of the sport, Sarah has been published in Running Journal magazine as well as Adventure Northwest magazine.

“The beautiful parallels that our sport draws between those of all abilities is wonderfully unique. You would never find Michael Jordan playing a pick-up game at the YMCA or find a woman with a baby stroller standing in the Superbowl huddle, yet on race day, at the same time and in the same place, you will find the best of the best competing for the win as well as the very beginners of the sport, perhaps competing for the first time, every person feeling the same emotion, experiencing the same challenge. This is why I love the sport of running and why I am passionate about helping improve anyone who has the motivation to start!”

Jay Johnson

jay johnson running coachPosition: Assistant Coach

Years Coaching: 13

Personal Accomplishments:

National Champions coached – 3
Renee Metivier-Ballie (3,000m – 2010)
Brent Vaughn (Cross Country – 2011)
Fernando Cabada (25 km – 2011)

Coach Jay is one of the most knowledgeable and respected coaches in the United States. His resume includes a master’s degree in kinesiology and applied physiology, director of Boulder Running Camps, writer for and RunningTimes, presenter for various Nike sponsored clinics and camps, and has coached three athletes to US Championships in the last three years.

In the last few years, Coach Jay has turned his attention to coaching adult runners; including Boston qualifiers, Masters runners, and new runners to the sport. Perhaps Coach Jay’s greatest strength is his desire and passion for learning about the sport and applying the latest research and training concepts into the schedules of his “everyday” runners.

“I strive to form a strong athlete-coach relationship and bond with every runner I coach. I have a passion for helping runners stay healthy, teaching them how to be better and smarter runners, and guiding them so they can reach their full potential.”

Jeff Gaudette

jeff gaudette running coachPosition: Owner/Head Coach

Years Coaching: 6

Personal Best:

1500: 3:46 (4:04 mile)
5,000m – 13:59
10,000m – 28:46
10 mile – 49:49
Half Marathon – 1:05:30
Marathon – 2:22:02

Coach Jeff has been running for 13 years, at all levels of the sport. He was a two time Division-I All-American in Cross Country while at Brown University and competed professionally for 4 years after college. Jeff has competed all over the world, in numerous marathons, and recorded Olympic Trials qualifying times in the marathon and 10,000 meters.

Jeff began coaching in 2005 while a member of the Hansons-Brooks professional team. He’s had success at all levels of coaching; high school, college, local elite, and everyday runners. Under his tutelage, hundreds of runners have finished their first marathon and he’s helped countless runners qualify for Boston. Jeff has been featured in Running Times magazine, Endurance Magazine, as well as numerous local magazine fitness columns. Jeff currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts, but coach athletes in 36 different states and 4 countries.

“I believe that no matter your level in the sport, running a personal best or achieving a goal is one of the greatest feelings you can experience. Guiding athletes to this experience and watching them succeed is what drives me to always be working to make you run faster. I have a true passion for helping runners of all ability levels reach their running goals. I take pride in bringing the knowledge I’ve accumulated from some of the best coaches in the world to runners everywhere.”

Danny Fisher

danny running coachPosition: Assistant Coach

Years Coaching: 5

Personal Best:

5,000m – 15:16
10,000m – 31:38
Half Marathon – 1:11:58
Marathon – 2:30:18

Danny has been running for 19 years at every level of the sport of running. He ran for Brown County High School leading the team to an 8th place finish in 2001. He went on to compete for one of the top Division II running programs at the University of Southern Indiana and he now competes year round throughout the Midwest. Coach Danny has competed all over the nation and now has his focus set on the marathon in hopes of qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the future.

Danny began coaching in 2008. He’s had success at all levels of coaching; elementary, middle and high school, post collegiate, local elite and everyday runners. Under his tutelage, hundreds of runners have finished their first races from the mile to the marathon including several Boston Qualifiers. Danny has been featured in local and regional magazines and newspapers as well as fitness columns. Danny currently lives in Columbus Indiana with his wife, Courtney and daughter Scout. Danny works full-time at Tipton Lakes Athletic Club as a trainer and endurance coach as well as serves as the assistant coach of Columbus North Cross Country. Danny is certified as a USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach.

Hayley Munn

Hayley Munn running coachPosition: Assistant Coach

Years Coaching: 4

Our UK-based coach, Hayley, has been a runner since the age of 11. Throughout her teens she ran mostly track and cross country. However, she soon discovered that she was more suited to the longer distances.

She ran her first marathon at the age of 22, which is the 3rd fastest marathon ever by an u23 in the UK. She has since improved her personal best to 2:37 and been ranked in the top 10 nationally every year since 2013.

Hayley is a member of the Saucony Hurricanes Team as well as the Running With Us training group.

She started coaching whilst studying at Oxford University and found she really enjoyed helping others to reach their goals.

With a Master’s in Exercise Physiology, she is extremely interested in the science behind distance running training and hopes to one day do a PhD in the subject.

She now lives in England where she assists in coaching the local running team whilst continuing to pursue her own marathon running ambitions.

Claire Bartholic

Claire Barthloic running coachPosition: Assistant Coach

Years Coaching: 3

Now a five-time Boston Marathon qualifier and competitive Master’s athlete, Claire started running simply to get in shape for her high school reunion. The reunion came and went and she kept running.

Claire finished her first marathon at age 38 in a respectable 4:02 and was immediately hooked. She became a student of the marathon using Jeff Gaudette’s training philosophy and Runners Connect coaching. In less than three years, she successfully shaved 30 minutes off her half marathon time and lowered her marathon PR to 3:06, remarkably without injury.

“Running has changed my life and Runners Connect coaching has made all the difference in my success,” she says. “As a coach, I am passionate about sharing the tools and techniques I have learned at Runners Connect to help our athletes reach goals they never thought possible.”

John Davis

john davis runningPosition: Head of Running Research

John Davis is a recent graduate of Carleton College and a long-time student of distance running. Currently, John has immersed himself in scientific research on physiology and biomechanics, trying to answer questions like “why do runners get injured?” and “how does training improve fitness?” At RunnersConnect, John researches the latest trends in fitness and exercise science and breaks down the complicated theories into easily digestible and applicable findings for you to implement. When any of the coaches or our athletes want to know if the latest fad is backed up by true science, John is the man we call upon.

Sinead Haughey

sinead runningPosition: Director of Masters Program

Haughey is a native of Central, SC and a graduate of Furman University. During her time at Furman Haughey rewrote the Paladin record books and was a 2-time NCAA Championship qualifier in the 10,000m.

Sinead is now the director of our Masters program where she produces our premium content and challenges.