Training for the 5k or 10kHow to Design the Ultimate Training Plan to Crush Your PR

Despite being short from a distance runner’s standpoint, the 5k and 10k are difficult race distances to master.

The 5k requires a runner to run close to their maximum effort for 3 miles – redlining only 1.5 miles in. It’s over before you know it, but toe the line unprepared and you’ll be suffering the second half of the race.

The 10k on the other hand is a blend of speed and endurance that necessitates running only a few ticks slower than 5k pace, yet for double the distance. Be off by only a fraction and the last two miles will be torture.

As such, it’s imperative that you have training plan designed to address the specific demands of each event. That means training your body for the exact physiological challenges, teaching your body and mind how to push through the tough parts of a race, and perfecting a pacing strategy that allows you to run on the edge of your abilities.

The smarter you train, the better your odds of achieving your goal. This 12-part series will provide you with concrete guidance and workouts that’ll have you crushing your PRs in no time.

Training philosophy and workouts to help you train for the 5k or 10k

To master the 5k and 10k distance, you need to find the perfect blend between speed and endurance so you can maintain a torrid pace for the entire race.  The key to running your best at the 5k or 10k is performing a series of progressive specific workouts in the last 6 weeks of your training plan.

Not sure what I mean by specific workouts or drawing a blank as to what that progression might look like? Have no fear. That’s what we’re here for.

1. The Basics: The Importance of Aerobic Running

2. Base Training for Running a 5k or 10k

3. 5k Training – The Transition and Base Phase Explained

4. How a 5k or 10k Training Plan is Structured

5. How lactic acid really works: The science of fatigue and lactate

6. What is V02 max and how does it impact the 5k and 10k training

7. 5k specific training: A sample from an elite runner

8. 10k Specific Training – A glimpse inside the training of an elite runner

9. What is the optimal long run pace

10. Surges during your long run – a way to sneak in some speed

11. Speed development for runners

12. Speed vs. Aerobic Endurance – what is holding you back

5k and 10k race strategy

Here is the perfect 5k and 10k strategy (and a calculator to show you your exact splits) to help you execute the perfect race plan:

1. 5k race strategy

2. 10k race strategy

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