Dr. David Minkoff- You Can Overcome and Outlast Your Setbacks

My guest today participated in over 40 Iron Man competitions, which is admirable on its own.

But when you hear about what he’s been doing for the health and wellness for the runners he has met, you are really going to be impressed.

David Minkoff got his start as a doctor in emergency medicine, but after mercury poisoning threatened his wife, he rearranged his priorities.

We all know how running can start to rearrange our lives, and David takes it to the next level.

With over 20 years experience learning about health, wellness, and the human body – as well as running and training on his own – David has developed an almost fool-proof wellness company called Body Health.

That’s right!

It’s the same Body Health that creates my favorite supplement, Perfect Amino! We talk today about Perfect Amino and the ways you can rearrange your priorities in order to better benefit your health and wellness.

David Minkoff has competed in 41 ironman competitions, but has trained for these while working 60-80 hours a week. If you are busy, and struggle to fit your training in, David inspires us all to see that is will be worth it, but you can achieve any goals you want to. We also discuss long term health and how to look after your body better than ever before.

Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

  • How to balance work, family, and training for Iron Mans
  • The benefits of natural medicine for runners
  • There are no “quick fixes” when it comes to your health
  • The top 4 things you need to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • The science behind amino acids and Body Health’s Perfect Amino

Questions David is asked:

3:52 What’s David’s background?

5:45 What was David’s first triathlon like?

6:23 What happened when his wife got really sick with mercury poisoning?

10:05 How does the human body react to mercury and lead?

13:05 What was it like for David to set up his own health clinic?

14:20 What is Perfect Amino?

15:34 Are you close to an Iron Man record of sorts?

16:32 Which was David’s toughest Iron Man?

19:10 Why does David love Iron Man so much?

20:44 How would you encourage all of us runners to do an Iron Man?

22:22 How can we make the time for an Iron Man?

24:08 What is the biggest lesson David learned from running?

25:50 Why is healing neglected?

30:31 What are some of the questions David asks his patients?

34:10 Why do you recommend the Paleo diet?

36:45 What does David recommend for struggling first-timers?

41:11 What can we do to improve our wellness?

44:17 What is it like working with elite athletes?

46:45 Resources we can use to find homeopathic doctors

51:35 David breaks down what makes Perfect Amino so perfect

53:40 David’s alphabetic analogy for proteins and how they’re used

58:30 What’s the deal with spirulina?

59:39 What happens to your body after a hard workout?

1:03:55 When should you take Perfect Amino?

1:06:50 The Final Kick Round!

Quotes by David:

“I was experimenting…I wasn’t charging anything for anybody, I was just trying to learn.”

“On a personal level, if I can be a good example…you have to stay with it, you have to keep your fitness, you have to take care of yourself.”

“You may not do the best you can do, but you can finish it. And you can have a lot of fun.”

“My goal is a happy patient.”

“Eggs are the best protein. Whole eggs, and you need to eat the yolk.”

“At any age, no matter what your background is, if you have a dream, you can go get it”

“Training teaches you a patience for life, that you wouldn’t get otherwise”

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  1. Great episode!
    he mentions what he adds to his 20 oz decaff. I couldn’t recognize the two additional ingredients. Can you provide that?
    Listened to you @ full speed today. LOL!

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