Why It’s Important to be at Peace with Where You are in Your Training- Carrie Tollefson

We’ve all heard the expression – when one door closes, another opens. For my guest that expression had lasting meaning. Carrie Tollefson, a 2004 Olympian, had trained and planned for a spot on the 5K team, but as fate would have it she didn’t make the team. Carrie came back and surprised everyone, including herself, by earning a spot on the 1500m team. For Carrie, being an Olympian changed her life.

Carrie, elite middle-distance runner, is also a five-time NCAA champion, three-time national champion, an ESPN2 analyst, wife and mother. Through her website, public speaking and training camps Carries inspires people to Get After It and find their passion in life.

Elite Runner Tina Muir interviews Olympian Carrie Tollefson to discuss how her setbacks led to her greatest accomplishments, how to juggle training when you have kids, and how to be at peace with wherever you are at in your training.

Episode Highlights:

  • How your biggest setback can often lead to your greatest achievements
  • Why changing things up after injury or pregnancy can reignite your drive
  • Why Carrie’s commentator job led her to run a marathon
  • Juggling kids and pregnancy with training
  • Why it’s important to learn to be at peace with wherever you are in you training and your progress
  • What Carrie’s Get After It mantra really means

With her training and background Carrie can explain what life is like for an elite runner, but she goes beyond that to share what’s she has learned that can apply to anybody. She says many of her life lessons have been learned on the track, but we don’t learn how tough we are until we have those moments that show us.

Carrie plans to run a couple good half marathons and another full marathon. She wants to remain driven her entire life. For Carrie it’s about finding passion in other areas of life and to Get After It!

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Links and Resources mentioned in this Interview:

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C Tolle Run – Carrie’s website which contains video interviews, race highlights, interviews with other runners, workout ideas, contact information and much more

CarrieTollefson.com – another website for Carrie

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