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August 14, 2017
q angle

Understanding The Q Angle And Its Role With Injuries

If you are a female runner who ever suffered from knee pain, chances are you have come across an idea.  That female runners are more susceptible to knee pain than their male counterparts. Why? Because they have wider hips. You may have been introduced... 

July 31, 2017
runner's knee

Runner’s Knee – How To Diagnose, Treat and Prevent

Is there any injury more ubiquitous than runner’s knee? It’s within the popular lexicon as one of the eternal enemies of the distance runner. Aching or stabbing pain around the kneecap has kept runners young and old from enjoying the sport they... 

July 10, 2017
piriformis syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome and Sciatia, What They Are And How To Fix

An aching soreness in your butt, shooting pain down the back of your leg. Irritation with every step when you run, sound familiar? These are the classic symptoms of piriformis syndrome.  A stubborn and troublesome injury. That can cause sciatica like... 

July 1, 2017

Runner’s Knee Part 1: Causes and Treatments

Runner’s knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome is one of the most common injuries among runners, and it’s caused by chronic irritation under the kneecap as you extend and bend your knee. While runner’s knee can throw a wrench in training... 

June 19, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.40.03 AM

Groin Pain In Runners: Diagnosing, Treatment and Prevention

The groin is an anatomically and biomechanically complex area for runners.  Groin pain in runners is challenging to diagnose and tricky to treat.  Though they don’t represent a huge proportion of running injuries, they have a reputation for being... 

June 16, 2017

Exercises to Prevent and Cure Achilles Tendonitis

In this video, we demonstrate two exercises great for strengthening the lower legs as well as helping to prevent and cure achilles tendonitis – one of the most common injuries among runners. For the best results, do 2-3 times 10 reps on each leg... 

June 12, 2017
compartment syndrome

Compartment Syndrome – What Is It And How To Fix It

Pain on the front of your shins after a run? Seems like a cut and dry case of shin splints (The Ultimate Guide To Shin Splints For Runners). But hang on, if that pain in your shin muscles, instead of the bone, it could be compartment syndrome. Though... 

June 5, 2017

Why Improving Calf Strength and Checking Mobility Can Improve Performance (and How to Do It)

Of all the areas of the body susceptible to running related pain or injury, most runners will agree that the calves rank high. Logic would suggest that this is because the calves have to work particularly hard during running.  Which is indeed the case... 

June 2, 2017

Foam Rolling Part 4: Upper and Lower Back

In this fourth episode of the series, we’ll show you how to foam roll your upper and lower back. Foam rolling not only helps to ease pain by loosening the soft tissue in your muscles, but it also improves blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulates... 

May 26, 2017

Foam Rolling Part 3: Calves and Hamstrings

Foam rolling helps loosens stiff muscles and fascia, break up lactic acid, improve circulation, and prevent those pesky overuse injuries that can disrupt training. In this third episode of the series, we’ll show you how to foam roll two parts of... 

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