3 Simple Ways to Determine if You are Running Easy Enough: Matt Fitzgerald

Before we reintroduced the podcast, Jeff and I created a survey for our subscribers to give their feedback on how we could improve the podcast, and also what you would like to see in the future of the podcast. I have listened to your responses, and tried to reach out to as many of the guest requests as possible.

Of course a few patterns emerged, and wHoe found some guests were requested over and over. However, the guest that was by far the most popular, was my guest today. This confused me a little as he had actually already been on the podcast twice already.

It was only once I listened to his two epiosdes that I could see why.He was absolutely fascinating, and such a pioneer within our running world. I loved his approach, and he is the kind of person you could go to a lecture from, and actually enjoy listening to what they have to say.

I then knew that I had to bring him back on the show. Not only did YOU want him, but now I had all these questions that I wanted to ask, that I was sure you would be curious about too.

We talk to expert Matt Fitzgerald about diets, healthy eating, and why we find it so hard to run easy, even when we know we should. Matt shares his knowledge on how you can make sure you are running the right pace to recover.

My guest today is

Matt Fitzgerald

  • Author of over 20 books;
    • Racing Weight, Brain Training for Runners, Diet Cults, 80/20 Running, and How Bad Do You Want it? Links to all of these in the resources below
  • Writer for Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Outside, Shape, Stuff, and Women’s Health.
  •  Certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition
  •  Served as a consultant to numerous sports nutrition companies
    • Serves as a training intelligence specialist for PEAR Sports
  •  Endurance sports coach
  • Cherry Marketing Institute ambassador

Some of the topics Matt and I are going to discuss today include:

  • Why there is no one right way to eat, especially when it comes to chosing a particular diet
  • The importance of having a healthy relationship with food
  • The psychology behind why we tend to put ourselves in the moderate intensity level within our running even when we know we need to run easy
  • Three ways you can measure to see if you are running at the right threshold to allow for recovery
  • The importance of developing power as a runner, and how you can use it to become faster at every distance

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Links and Resources mentioned in this Interview:

Pear Sports

Don’t Shun the Walk Run Method

Matt’s Books

80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster By Training Slower

Diet Cults

Racing Weight

How Bad do You Want it?

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3 Responses on “3 Simple Ways to Determine if You are Running Easy Enough: Matt Fitzgerald

  1. Having listened to Matt also on several other podcasts I’d chip in that he’s an absolut master in using/making his voice and grammar come through crisp and clear even when his words don’t seem to be rehearsed (though, obviously, he’s gotten a lot of training). He talks a little bit slower than most guests when not too stressed by the host (and quite a bit slower than most first time guests on any podcast) and that makes a world of difference. His next book should be something like “Master the Podcast Airwaves 101” or something like that. Then again professor Tim Noakes and to some degree Phil Maffetone are also very good at this so they might beat him to it.

    • Hi Peter, thanks for sharing. Matt is a great guest, and that is why we have had him on so many times. We like the idea for the book, will show him this and see what he says 😉 For now, check out his book, which is now available for pre-order!

  2. I love the podcast. I’m hearing a lot about the benefit of easy running but not certain what is considered as easy. Is the easy run referring to Z2 (Aerobic Threshold) or Z1? I hear about avoiding grey zone also. Which heart rate zone is considered as the grey zone?

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