What is the Best Diet for Runners? Interview with Nutrition Expert Matt Fitzgerald

Matt FitzgeraldDiet is one of the most controversial topics in existence.

Anyone who decides to either lose weight or change his or her diet to improve performance is presented with a dizzying array of different options.

The only common thread is that all these diets preach that their method is the only way you can be truly healthy.

From “The Four Hour Body” to “Atkins”, to the Paleo Diet there are diet cults to match seemingly any mood and personality type. Everywhere we turn, someone is preaching the “one true way” to eat for maximum health.

Matt Fitzgerald is a sports nutritionist and the author of the best-selling book Racing Weight. In his new book,
Diet Cults: The Surprising Fallacy at the Core of Nutrition Fads and a Guide to Healthy Eating for the Rest of Us
, Matt exposes the irrationality, half-truths, and downright impossibility of a “single right way” to eat and reveals how to develop rational, healthy eating habits.

A few of the topics we discussed included:

  • Diet Cults and why Matt decided to write it in the first place
  • The myth of the “One True Way to Eat” and some of it’s fundamental flaws
  • Explaining how and why groups of people tend to identify with and follow certain diets
  • Matt’s idea of “Agnostic Healthy Eating” and you can apply it to your own diet

This is an awesome interview if you have questions about developing the right diet for you. Matt’s book was released Monday, May 5th and I highly recommend it. Definitely one of the most balanced and informational reads about nutrition I’ve had this year.

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Links and resources mentioned in this interview:

Matt’s Book:
Diet Cults: The Surprising Fallacy at the Core of Nutrition Fads and a Guide to Healthy Eating for the Rest of Us

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