Proper Nutrition and Running Technology with Matt Fitzgerald

matt fitzgeraldDo you know that you can up your nutritional game without adding major expense or time to your current grocery shopping?

I didn’t either until I learned from Matt Fitzgerald.

Matt’s running career was launched when he was eleven years old when he joined his father in banditing the last mile of the Boston Marathon (his dad ran the whole race, of course!). He went on to become one of the premier writers in the running world, as he wrote nearly twenty books teaching the masses how to self-coach themselves and be faster runners.

Matt is an expert when it comes to nutrition for endurance athletes, and he spent a good portion of this week’s interview talking about key nutritional aspects for distance runners.

Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • The most-forgotten nutritional aspect for distance runners, and making an effort to raise one’s game dietically.
  • The trick to good nutrition, fast and easy.
  • Taking the middle road when it comes to supplements.
  • The importance of essential fatty acids.
  • Utilizing a GPS-watch and heart rate monitor in training.
  • The importance of training your brain as well as your body.
  • Some tips for getting back into racing shape after some time off.
  • Advice for young writers getting into the industry.

If you have ANY questions about nutrition or how technology can help you be a better runner, this interview is a must-listen! Comment below with your favorite running-related technology.

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