How to Use the Ultra Running Mindset to Improve Your Running (and Life!): Travis Macy

As runners we love to see how running intersects with our other passions and areas of interest, but have you ever considered how your running could be making you a mentally stronger person who is better prepared for the challenges in life that we do not expect?

We choose to put ourselves through the discomfort of training, but often our biggest obstacles are those aspects of our lives that we are not training for.

I had never really thought of it that way, and I am guessing many of you had not either, but if you think about it for a moment, when you complete a workout that you struggled through, or you overcome an injury and get back into great shape, dont you feel like you could take on anything.

We often do not think about how it impacts the rest of our lives, but it does. We joke about runners being a “different breed”, but maybe there is something about us, and not in a bad way. If we can just spin our perspective a little, we could become unstoppable in every area of our lives.

We talk with Ultra Mindset author & Leadman record holder, Travis Macy about the ways you can use tricks learned as runner to apply to the rest of your life to be successful in every area.

My guest today is Travis Macy

  • Author of upcoming book; The Ultra Mindset- an endurance champion’s 8 core principles for success in business, sports and life
  • A motivational speaker, coach and professional endurance athlete
  • Travis holds record for Leadman; an epic endurance event consisting of a trail running marathon, 50 mile mountain bike race, Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race, 10k Road run, and Leadville 100 run, all above 10,200 ft in the rocky mountains
  • He has competed in over 100 ultra, adventure, and trail events

Today Travis and I are going to discuss:

  • Why it is important to find your own running path; you do not need to follow the traditional step up in distance path that most follow, if you follow your heart, you will find your way
  • What fixed and growth mindsets are, and how you can change your outlook to grow in every area of your life
  • What you learn and practice through your training, and how you can apply those lessons to your life
  • How to identify role models, and how to learn from them to become a better runner
  • Why you need to ask for help to get better, and why you should not be afraid of reaching out to people you look up to, even if they are competitors
  • How to use internal and external motivators during the ups and downs that training and racing brings
  • How self control can be compared to a muscle that needs to be trained, and what to do when that muscle tires

This is a great episode, and I am sure you are going to enjoy, lets meet Travis! Macy- The Ultra Mindset.mp3

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Links and Resources mentioned in this Interview:

The Ultra Mindset by Travis Macy

Running with Buffaloes by Chris Lear

Amy Cuddy Ted Talk

Succeed: How we Reach our Goals by Heidi Grant Halvorson

Woo Way: A New Way of Living and Being by Jim Dowton

Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Wellbeing by Martin Seligman

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