Nick Symmonds- Our Filthy, Dirty Sport: It’s Time to Make a Change

I’ve been wanting to talk to our guest today for a long time!

He’s got a lot of experience, a lot of opinions, and he’s not afraid to share them.

Nick Symmonds is an elite runner is a two time Olympian and competed in his fair share of world track and field championships.

He’s seen a lot of things in his time running professionally, and he’s on the podcast today to share a few of these experiences.

From what it’s like to run in a Division 3 school, how an injury inspired him to start his own business, and what it’s like to refuse to sign a contract that ultimately had him removed from the US World Team – Nick has seen and done it all.

And the biggest lesson he’s here to teach us today is why it is so, so important to always root for the underdog.

Nick Symmonds- Our Filthy, Dirty Sport: It's Time to Make a Change

Tune in now, because here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

  • Why being honest with yourself is so important to running
  • How to turn dark moments into amazing opportunities
  • What it’s like to run for the Olympics and track and field championships
  • Standing up for yourself even if you might not like the outcome
  • How Run Gum changed the way we all look at running
  • The reality of the lifestyle of an elite runner
  • The greatest advice Nick received and more in our Final Kick Round

Questions Nick is asked:

3:20 What is the highlight of your running career?

4:40 What is it about the Olympics that make it more inspiring than the world championships?

5:40 What was the low point of your running career?

7:57 How did you think up a brand new business model?

9:05 What would you recommend to runners who’ve recently had injuries?

10:30 What was it like running for a Division 3 school?

12:18 Why did you choose D3 over Division 1 or 2 schools?

13:38 Would you encourage young people to research their coaches before they apply for college?

15:25 What’s so inspiring about working with the underdogs?

16:50 Why did you miss out on the Olympics this year?

17:57 What happened when you refused to sign the contract for the world championships?

20:40 What do you think gives you the strength to stand up for what you believe in?

22:03 What are the big problems with big brands and the USATF?

24:10 What can we do to support elite runners?

25:18 What is it really like to be an elite runner?

27:35 Can you maintain the perks of winning as an elite runner?

30:30 How did you sell your Olympic spot?

31:45 What’s the deal with temporary tattoos at USATF events?

33:30 What are your thoughts on Rule 40?

35:00 What is Run Gum?

36:38 Who do you recommend Run Gum for?

37:55 How does Run Gum compare to a cup of coffee?

38:47 Why did you make your new packaging waterproof?

40:20 Are you thinking about retiring from running?

41:13 Do you think athletes and runners should start their own businesses?

42:22 What are your thoughts on doping in the running community?

44:45 How much of doping do you think is an honest mistake?

48:31 The Final Kick Round!

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Quotes by Nick

“Every morning I woke up and I couldn’t run. I just lay there in bed…thinking ‘what the heck am I supposed to do with the day?’”

“I wanted to be that D3 guy that stepped on the track in a tattered old jersey and kicked the crap out of them.”

“If you’re willing to do the work, you will be successful at any school.”

“It’s hard work. It’s hard work from training. It’s hard work competing. It’s hard work just traveling.”

“Run Gum – in my opinion – is the future of the energy market.”

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