The Gait Guys- Runners Need Risk Management, Not Crisis Management

Today’s episode is going to completely change the way you look at running form.

I’m sure we’re all guilty of saying we have “bad form” while running. I know my own peroneal arthritis effects my form and the way I think about it, and that’s why I brought the Gait Guys on the podcast.

It’s time to get a new perspective! Durability is what Dr. Shawn Allen and Dr. Ivo Waerlop are all about.

Your running form isn’t really what matters. It’s how durable and economical that form is and what it’s doing to and for your body.

Injuries, surgery, and simple ignorance are all responsible for our running forms, regardless of whether they’re good or bad, but it’s easier than you think to re-train your body to overcome discomfort and pain. You may not even need to change your running form at all.

Rather, we are going to discuss permanent moving patterns and how to make up for what your patterns might be lacking in order for you to have the best run possible

Runners Need Risk Management, Not Crisis Management-The Gait GuysHere are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

  • What it’s like to work in the neuro-muscular-skeletal field
  • The biggest mistakes runners make about injuries
  • How to deal with bad running form
  • Why adaptive strategies are better than compensation patterns
  • Teaching people how to pay attention to what their bodies are telling them
  • Finding the best running shoes with the National Shoe Fit test

Questions The Gait Guys are asked:

4:11 Sean explains what neuro-muscular-skeletal means

4:55 What is a typical day in the field like for Shawn?

6:45 How long do you spend with patients on each appointment?

7:55 What does each of Shawn’s appointments involve?

11:20 How did Ivo and Shawn meet and develop The Gait Guys?

13:00 What is Ivo’s experience and background?

14:30 What do Ivo’s appointments involve?

16:08 Has Ivo seen any biases between dry needling and acupuncture?

18:10 Do you two ever get runners that say they have “bad form”?

19:40 What is the biggest mistake you see most runners make?

22:03 What does Shawn do to help runners with “bad form”?

25:26 Do you mostly get patients working with injuries?

28:10 Why is it important to be proactive with your running form?

30:33 What are examples of the “homework” the Gait Guys give?

36:25 Is it possible to keep going after an injury?

39:20 How to work through injury labels

42:20 Where do the Gait Guys recommend you find information and get in touch with them?

47:25 What is the Gait Guy’s National Shoe Fit Test?

50:30 Why Shawn thinks it’s important to pay attention to simple problems

51:51 What do the Gait Guys have to say about running shoes?

57:06 What made you want to keep the Gait Guys website so simple?

1:02:40 What’s Ivo’s most favorite and least favorite thing about podcasting?

1:07:17 The Final Kick Round!

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Quotes by The Gait Guys:

“What you see in someone’s gait on a video isn’t their problem. Watching someone run is not their problem. It’s their compensation around their problem.” Shawn

“One layer of compensation usually becomes another.” Ivo

“Form follows function. Everybody is going to have a form, and it’s not necessarily good or bad. It’s their form and it’s how they move through the gravitational plane.” Ivo

“It’s not the form that bothers us, it’s actually the durability and the economy of that form.” Shawn

“Runners are a unique bunch. They interpret pain different than most people do. It’s a feel-good thing.” Ivo

“I’m tired of listening to podcasts that don’t give you any meat.” Ivo

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