Struggling to Relax? Yoga is What You Need- Cara Gilman

We tend to put ourselves into buckets, but we can’t always define ourselves in this bucket or that. You might be surprised to learn that today’s guest actually uses yoga to improve her running performance. Today we’re going to talk with Cara Gilman about the benefits of yoga on our running.

In this episode we’ll discuss:

  • How yoga can make a difference on your performance, and almost immediately.
  • Which classes are best for runners
  • How to incorporate yoga for restorative benefits
  • Setting intentions
  • How just 10-15 minutes a few days per week could be just what your body needs to get to the next level

We talk about Cara’s journey and how she found both yoga and running and where the journey has taken her.

Cara Gilman is a yoga teacher, coach and marathon runner. She was the ‘2013 Best of Competitor’ Yoga Instructor, she’s been featured in Boston Magazine, she’s a Lululemon and Newtown Running Ambassador and an Essentia Water Hydration Specialist.

Runners tend to have Type A personalities, and that can make relaxing difficult. Most of us have considered yoga to help our running, but this may be just what you need to make it stick....for good this time.

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