How to Race Faster

Running is tough, on both the mind and body, but we collected up a group of the best articles to help you get better at running, regardless of whether your goal is just to enjoy your training and the peace running brings, or to run a PR at your next race.

Training philosophy to help you train better to be ready for your next race

To race well, you need to understand how to train correctly, here are some of our most useful articles you can use to get ready.

Why Running Harder Won’t Help You Get Faster

Why You Don’t Need to Train Faster to Run Faster

How Running 80% Easy Could Make You 23% Faster

Is Shooting for a Time Goal Preventing You From Running Faster?

Do You Think You Run Slow? Why Being “Slow” Doesn’t Matter

Is it clear what we think helps most runners get faster yet?

Still don’t believe us that slowing down will help you, not hinder you?

Here are a few podcasts to show you

Jeff Gaudette- How to Adjust Your Training When Running Goes Wrong

Matt Fitzgerald- 3 Simple Ways to Determine if You are Running Easy Enough

Camille Heron – Why Running Slower on Your Easy Days Helps You Run Faster and Keeps You Injury-free

Dirk Friel- What Can You Do Today, To Achieve Your Goals Tomorrow

So now you believe us, but how do you know how fast to run?

How Fast Should Your Easy Runs Be?

Are You Sabotaging Your Long Run by Running the Wrong Pace?

What else can you do?

3 Reasons Explosive Hill Sprints Will Make You Run Faster

Fast Finish Long Runs

What are Tempo Runs and Why Will They Help My Running?

How Strides Can Help You Run Faster

Drinking Caffeine Before Running – How Coffee Will Help You Run Faster

Race Day is Here! How Do I Stop Myself From Slowing Down?

Wonder why your running pace is getting slower? This will help you find the right way to race, so you can pass people rather than be passed.

Teach Yourself How to Race Faster

5k Race Strategy

10k Race Strategy

Half Marathon Race Strategy

Marathon Race Strategy