October 16, 2017
post workout massage

Can You Really Benefit From Post Workout Massage?

There are few things more coveted by runners than the post workout massage. But, is getting one the best thing to do for your body? Runners are always looking for ways to decrease injury and increase longevity and, according to science, getting a post... 

October 9, 2017
masters athlete

What Does It Mean To Become A Masters Athlete

The term masters has a bad connotation. I mean it sounds old. Especially for those “younger masters.” I remember racing the Masters Track and Field Championship at the ripe age of. Wait for it. Thirty. Yes, I was thirty years old and racing... 

October 2, 2017
work with a sports dietitian

Should You Really Work With A Sports Dietitian

Are you a RunnersConnect Insider or Master’s Member? If so, then read below to learn how you can save 20% on nutrition services. As I entered college, I thought I knew a lot about nutrition because I had spent months reading FITNESS magazines cover... 

September 25, 2017

How to Taper Correctly to be Ready for Your Marathon

You’ve pushed through tired legs on your long runs; hit the track for speed workouts until your shoes were soaked with sweat; and recorded enough miles to put your car to shame. With three weeks to go until the big race, all the hard work is done, right? Well,... 

September 18, 2017
ultra marathon guide

Ultra Marathon Guide – Learn How To Maximize Your Performance

So you decided to run your first ultra? But wait. What did you actually sign up for? Any distance over a marathon is “technically” considered an ultra marathon. So I guess you could say 44K is an ultra. But for all intents and purposes, 50K... 

September 11, 2017
big toe injury

How To Diagnose And Treat A Big Toe Injury

The big toe might be a small joint, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important for runners. It serves a critical function in creating more leverage to generate forward momentum when you run, and because of this, it is susceptible to several overuse... 

September 4, 2017
running and anxiety

Running and Anxiety – When Exercise Is Not Enough

“The day of the Boston Marathon bombings I witnessed a full range of emotion.” Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Harvard Psychologist and Boston Marathon Staff Psychologist for over 16 years, recently spoke with me about anxiety and running. Specifically about what... 

August 28, 2017
it band stretches

IT Band Stretches – Learn The Secret

Of all the acronyms used within the world of running related injury, ‘ITB’ must surely sit near (if not at) the top. Anyone who has suffered from ITB Syndrome will tell you that it can be extremely tricky to recover from.  With its characteristic... 

August 21, 2017

Orthorexia – When Healthy Eating Efforts Go Too Far

I was obsessed with healthy eating long before I was obsessed with running. As a college student, I lost weight and my health suffered. Now I know I experienced orthorexia, an unhealthy fixation on eating healthy foods. I was literally studying food to... 

August 14, 2017

Product Update 8/14/17

Tapiriik for automatic imports You can now set up automatic imports from services such as Garmin Connect, Strava, Runkeeper, and more through our Tapiriik integration. To get started, click “imports” on the left side of your screen and click... 

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