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March 20, 2017
Stay dedicated to running without having a goal race on the schedule with these tips for runners on appreciating the simplicity of running.

Why Sometimes Running Without Racing is the Best Thing You Can Do

This guest post was written by Allie Burdick Some runners choose to never pin on a bib while others engage in a never ending cycle of races year after year. Both types of runners can be highly motivated but, if there is essentially no goal race, how do... 

October 31, 2016
Interval training could be the answer to setting your personal record. Get all the details about interval training for beginners and advanced athletes.

Why Every Runner Can Benefit from Interval Workouts

This guest post was written by Runtastic It’s not surprising that interval training is one of the most popular training methods out there. Interval running for beginners to running for weight loss to advanced runners, everyone can benefit in some... 

September 5, 2016
Running faster is not necessarily achievable through more miles, but these 3 ways to help you get better at running without running will help you run more efficiently, so you can become a great runner, without getting injured by running more.

Neuromuscular Fitness: The Secret To Improving Your Pace

Most runners are aware that in order to improve distance running performance, weekly mileage needs to increase. Research supports this: in the 2007 study ‘Training Characteristics of Qualifiers for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials’, exercise physiologist... 

August 29, 2016
9 helpful hacks to make sure you get your run in. We are busier than ever, and life makes it even harder to fit running in. Find out what you can do to stay motivated to keep running on your schedule.

No Time to Run? 5 Creative Ways to Find Time

Our lives are busier than ever. We are all frantically juggling family life and long working hours; some statistics showing the average working week in the US to be close to 36 hours, with some professions working 40 or more. That’s before we even include... 

August 15, 2016
Is it better to run in extreme humidity or heat, and just how much does dew point affect running performance? It is all here, and Runners Connect gives us great advice on how to get used to running in hot, humid weather. There is a dew point calculator to help runners calculate how much to adjust running paces depending on the temperature this summer. Really helpful article for running in all summer weather.

How to Calculate the Effect of Humidity on Running Performance

How many times over the last few months have you stepped outside, from the comfort of your home, into what feels like a sauna. The air feels so thick, you can almost feel yourself sweating before you even take a step. Running in hot, humid weather does... 

June 13, 2016
Running more miles per week will help you get faster, but it can be difficult to know how much to add without ending up injured. This guide gives runners 8 things to consider to make sure you increase mileage safely without injury or overtraining.

8 Challenges to Increasing Mileage – How to Safely Get to the Next Level

Increasing your weekly running mileage from say 10 miles to 20 can itself present a series of challenges and potential pitfalls but stepping into the world of 60-100 running miles a week can be a whole new ball game. Though we all probably know someone... 

May 16, 2016
Running during pregnancy is no longer dangerous, but is it good for us to run when pregnant? And how much is too much? There are so many questions, this post has all the answers in one place.

How to Stay Fit During and After Pregnancy

This guest post was written by Runtastic The days where training during pregnancy was considered dangerous thankfully belongs to the past. Physical activity during pregnancy is not only allowed, but actually encouraged. Of course, provided that you... 

February 15, 2016
I always wondered if it matters if you split up your runs. Surely you get the same effects? The research surprised us! Also gives 3 ways to build mileage safely to prevent injury and run faster.

What are the Benefits of Splitting up a Run?

When I was in high school, our summer training program always required a ten mile long run every week. The only exception was if you were going into your freshman year—in that case, you were permitted to split your ten miler into two five-mile runs,... 

November 23, 2015
Articles online never make it clear whether heart rate training is good or bad. This article explains when it is good for runners, and when to stay away. Also gives the pros and cons, as well as things to watch out for. Very helpful!

How to Know if Heart Rate Training is for You

Some people are perfect pacers. Without a watch, they can sense, within a couple of seconds per mile, how fast they are going.  For runners like this, workouts are a breeze.  They rarely go out way too slow in a tempo run, or way too fast in a race. But... 

September 21, 2015

Why You Don’t Need to Train Faster to Run Faster

Sensational headline, I know. It likely belongs on the cover of a magazine being sold at the checkout line at a grocery store, but bear with me because it’s actually quite true. You see, one of the most difficult concepts to master as a runner is that... 

August 17, 2015
Did you know that mentally challenging tasks before your training can affect your running ability? They can! If you have been struggling on your runs, and cannot see why training is so hard, this may be your answer. This article explains how to overcome ego depletion and prevent it as much as possible.

Sick & Tired of Struggling Through Your Training? This May Be Why

Did you know that Barack Obama only wears two colors of suits? It’s not because he’s sartorially unimaginative; rather, he’s taking advantage of some of the latest psychology research on how to avoid decision fatigue; a problem that... 

May 11, 2015
We now know overtraining is not just for elites, if you are struggling with symptoms of fatigue. This guide will explain the best way to bounce back quickly, and how to return to running safely.

How Quickly Can You Recover From Overtraining?

Following on from our previous post, Are You on the Verge of Overtraining, this article now focuses on how to recover from overtraining when you realize that you have gone too far. We will show you how you can return to running as quickly as possible. Let’s... 

May 4, 2015
More recreational and beginner runners are suffering from overtraining. Are you one of them? We will help you speed recovery to get back to running faster

Are You on the Verge of Overtraining?

Subliminal (or maybe not so?) messages all around us tell to keep pushing harder; “sweat is fat crying”, or how about the more traditional “go hard or go home”. You know how we feel about taking it easy on your recovery days, and... 

March 2, 2015
We dive into the research looking at high vs. low intensity training. This study found that runners who ran 80% of their runs easy, improved 23% more than those who ran 65% of their training easy.

How Running 80% Easy Could Make You 23% Faster

If you have spent any amount of time digging into literature on coaching and training, you probably know there is one running related topic that can be a touchy subject, often leading into lengthy, and sometimes heated discussions; which method of training... 

January 9, 2015
Racing Boston Marathon in 2015? We have lots of great articles, and a bloggers linkup to learn about how others are getting on in their training build up.

How Ready Will You Be for Your Best Boston?

Are you excited for the buzz of the Boston Marathon yet? Even if you are not racing, it is impossible to not get swept up in the excitement of it! This week we have shared a post from Matt Fitzgerald with 10 Tips to Tame the Hills of Boston, and the Ultimate... 

January 8, 2015
robot android men running

Be Ready for Your Best Boston- Guide To Running Downhill

Ask a group of runners from anywhere in the world what races are on their running bucket list, chances are you will hear the same marathons over and over: London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Vancouver, Athens, Great Wall of China. Ask any American, and... 

January 5, 2015
Best selling Endurance Author Matt Fitzgerald gives his 10 best tips of how to race well over the Boston Marathon hills.

10 Tips to Tame the Hills of Boston

This guest post was written by Matt Fitzgerald We are now in Boston Marathon season. With under 16 weeks to go, most Boston Qualifiers will already have started their base training for the pinnacle race in April. We are hoping to become Boston Central... 

December 8, 2014
Believe it or not, there are many ways your running form is the same as a young child. Stride frequency is not a limiting factor in running faster, stride length is, read how you can improve your running form to go faster!

How is Your Stride Frequency the Same as Your Two Year Old?

Do you remember when your parents celebrated the first time you ran across the room with flawless running form? Of course not, because it never happened! Running is such a joyful experience for children, so why would we remove that joy by weighing them... 

December 4, 2014
To be able to run fast, it is important to make your running biomechanics is as efficient as it can be. This post explains how to fix the common weaknesses.

What Biomechanical Error is Holding You Back?

Believe it or not, you have been running almost as long as you have been walking. Unlike swimming or dribbling a basketball, nobody really needed to teach you how to run. To some extent, running (and walking) is pre-programmed into our nervous system... 

December 1, 2014
The long run can be a daunting challenge for many runners. Runners Connect makes it easy for you to progress your long run to be race ready, and explains what else you need to consider to get the most out of your long runs.

Everything You Need to Know About Progressing Your Long Run

When you’re just starting out with running – when a 5km is an awesome achievement – it can be hard to comprehend how it’s possible to run a half marathon, marathon or even further. Believe me, everyone feels the same and it’s one of the most...