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December 10, 2019

How Lactic Acid Works for Runners

Have you ever been running a race or workout, feeling strong, running faster than you ever have before, and you start to think about how great it is going to feel when you cross that finish line with your big PR? But suddenly your body starts to shut... 

December 4, 2019

The 5 Recovery Mistakes You’re Making That Are Hampering Your Recovery From Hard Workouts

Recovery is one of the most important elements of training. In fact, I’d argue it’s even more important than the hard workouts you do. Without recovery, training is just wasted time with no opportunity to actually improve. It’s no wonder then that... 

November 19, 2019

Why You Don’t Need to Train Faster to Run Faster

Sensational headline, I know. It likely belongs on the cover of a magazine being sold at the checkout line at a grocery store, but bear with me because it’s actually quite true. You see, one of the most difficult concepts to master as a runner is that... 

November 11, 2019
Performance is impaired when it’s too cold. We tell you how much and provide 7 helpful tips to keep you warm and ready to race your best in any temperature.

How Running in the Cold Impacts Race Performance

Winter is already upon us, and many runners are looking ahead to their final races of the year before some down time. There are still a number of Turkey Trots for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day runs, and New Year’s Day races with good competition and... 

October 31, 2019

3 Reasons the Sauna May Be Your Secret Weapon to Improved Performance

When most of us think of the sauna, we imagine sitting in spa and relaxing. It’s not often we connect using a sauna with improving our running performance. However, strategically using the sauna in your gym may actually be a secret weapon you can... 

October 28, 2019

How to Apply any Training Theory (even if you think you’re too slow)

Have you ever been reading an article about an innovative new workout or a novel approach to training and suddenly thought to yourself, “eh, this doesn’t apply to me, I’m too slow”? If you’re anything like the runners who... 

October 11, 2019
Don't have a race goal this season? Just running to lose weight, get fit or fill the time between races? Here are 6 reasons your training plan should still include speed workouts (and 3 sample workouts to help you plan)

Should Your Training Plan Include Speed Work If You’re Not Training For a Race?

One thing that keeps me excited about coaching after all these years is that every runner I work with has different goals. Some are training for their first race, others are qualifying for Boston, and many are using running as a way to stay fit or get... 

September 23, 2019

Increasing Mileage: How to get faster without getting hurt

One of the oldest gems of wisdom among runners is that more mileage is better for your performance. But, perhaps equally old wisdom holds that more mileage also increases your risk of getting hurt—especially if you pile on a lot of mileage all at once. But... 

September 9, 2019

Are Watches and Pods that Measure Bio-Mechanics Accurate? Can They Help Prevent Injuries?

It wasn’t so long ago that the only “wearable tech” you needed for training was a digital stopwatch. Now, GPS is practically mandatory if you want to get accurate splits during your workouts and races. On top of that, there’s a slew of new wearable... 

August 23, 2019

Why Fatigue is a Necessary Part of Training and How to Manage It

Training is like trying to walk a tight rope. You need to balance putting in grueling workouts and mileage with the ability to let your body recover. Favor one aspect too heavily and you’ll either have a poor performance from lack of training or get... 

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