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How Ready Will You Be for Your Best Boston?

Are you excited for the buzz of the Boston Marathon yet? Even if you are not racing, it is impossible to not get swept up in the excitement of it!

This week we have shared a post from Matt Fitzgerald with 10 Tips to Tame the Hills of Boston, and the Ultimate Guide to Downhill Running. We also relaunched our podcast with Boston Marathon race director, Dave McGillivray. We will be adding these to our current Boston Marathon posts to give you everything you need to have your best race possible in April.

Racing Boston Marathon in 2015? We have lots of great articles, and a bloggers linkup to learn about how others are getting on in their training build up.

Here is the full list of all of our Boston Marathon related posts:

How to Train for and Race the Boston Marathon Course: Interview with BAA Coach Terry Shea

4 Key Workouts to Prepare for the Boston Marathon Course

10 Tips to Tame the Hills of Boston

Best Boston- The Ultimate Guide to Running Downhill

Setting up for Success- Boston Marathon Race Director, Dave McGillivray Podcast

3 Race Day Quirks You Must Prepare for in the Final Weeks of Boston Marathon Training

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The Boston Marathon pace calculator uses the steepness of the hill, along with its length, to assign a difficulty score for each mile.  Each mile is then extracted to provide you with the perfect pace per mile to maintain an even effort throughout the entire race.

The calculator will keep you from going out over your head over the first few miles and fading on the Newton Hills.

We would love to hear how your training is going, and be a place for you to see how others are getting along in their training.

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If all this Boston Marathon talk has you excited, but you have not yet dipped under that magic barrier, you can check this out to Reach Your Boston Marathon Dream.

If you have raced Boston Marathon, what would your best advice be to runners?

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