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Boston Marathon Pace Calculator

Running the Boston Marathon? Master the fabled course with this Boston marathon pace calculator

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is one of the most prestigious accomplishments in all of running. The storied race is the biggest running event of the Spring and a national past time in running circles across the globe.

Now that you’ve qualified for the race, don’t let the hills and  excitement ruin your race strategy and attempts to re-qualify for 2011!

To help you adjust your pace to account for the vaunted uphills and downhills of the course, I’ve created a pace calculator that will take into account every hill and have you on your way to the best race possible.

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The Boston Marathon pace calculator uses the steepness of the hill, along with its length, to assign a difficulty score for each mile.  Each mile is then extracted to provide you with the perfect pace per mile to maintain an even effort throughout the entire race.

The calculator will keep you from going out over your head over the first few miles and fading on the Newton Hills.

Finish strong and have the best race you can with our Boston Marathon Pace Calculator!

If you want specific racing strategies for your 2010 Boston Marathon, or you hope to qualify next year, don’t hesitate to contact me with questions!

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