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The Effects of High-Altitude Training on Running Performance

You’ve probably heard of pro runners heading to high-altitude training camps for several weeks, sleeping in “altitude... 

The 2 Simple Reasons Your Easy Days are Ruining Your Training

One of the simplest concepts of successful long distance running also seems to be one of the hardest for many runners to grasp. Running... 

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Nutrition Articles
A Detailed Look at the Diet of an Elite Marathoner

In 2014, Jeffrey Eggleston was the 3rd American at the Boston Marathon. At the time, it was a big PR and one of Jeffrey’s... 

Can Pickle Juice Really Cure Muscle Cramps?

Last week we took a look at what causes exercise-associated muscle cramps, the painful and seemingly random muscle spasms that... 

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Injury Prevention
3 Ways to Use a Foam Roller More Effectively to Treat Running Injuries

Previously, we took a looked at the latest science behind foam rolling to improve recovery and reduce soreness after a hard workout. But... 

3 Reasons a Gait Analysis at a Running Store May Not Help You Find the Right Shoe

Ask a group of runners what the reason for video gait analysis is and one of the most common answers will be “to help you choose... 

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General Articles
Team RunnersConnect picking up stream with 6 PRs and 4 race debut is the half and full marathon.

Sean Regan ran the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis, MN coming across the finish line with a time  of 3:24:57 which a... 

Team RunnersConnect starts the marathon season with several HUGE PRs and Top overall finishes.

John Ranger ran the Berlin Marathon in Berlin, Germany coming across the finish line with a time 3:28:51 which was a PR by 26... 

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Interviews and Training Videos

Using Running to Give Back: An Interview With Australian Marathon Icon Rob de Castella
Rob de Castella

Many retired elite runners have found meaningful ways to give back to the sport to which they gave so much of themselves. One such runner is Australian marathoner Rob de Castella. Known as a fierce competitor who never gave an inch to anyone, Rob raced... 

Will a Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Ever Happen? An Interview With Dr. Philip Mafetone About His New Book “1:59″
Philip Maffetone

With the incredible speeds at which Kenyan and Ethiopian runners are running marathons these days, one of the hottest questions in the running world is: When will the 2-hour marathon be broken? Some, including this week’s guest Dr. Philip Maffetone,... 

How to Get Better at Racing: An Interview With 1983 Boston Marathon Champ Greg Meyer
Greg Meyer

Most runners and coaches would agree that there is a big difference between running a hard workout and running a race. And as we’ve talked about before, racing is a skill. The better you can get at learning to push yourself at the right moments,... 

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