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Training Articles
Track Doesn’t Have to Be For Just Younger Runners. Read Our Masters Guide
Masters runners are constantly breaking down barriers; whether its the elites breaking records, or just more masters participating in running events at every age, more information is needed on how to succeed. If you have always wanted to try track racing, here is the lowdown on how to race track, and the basics you need to know come race day.

On an anecdotal level, most masters runners tend to gravitate toward longer events—marathons and ultras seem to be a good fit for older runners who maybe... 

Sick & Tired of Struggling Through Your Training? This May Be Why
Did you know that mentally challenging tasks before your training can affect your running ability? They can! If you have been struggling on your runs, and cannot see why training is so hard, this may be your answer. This article explains how to overcome ego depletion and prevent it as much as possible.

Did you know that Barack Obama only wears two colors of suits? It’s not because he’s sartorially unimaginative; rather, he’s taking advantage... 

How RunnersConnect Marathon Training Plans Compare to Other Popular Programs
Looking for a training plan for your next marathon? This comparison looks at why RunnersConnect is the best choice for you to run your fastest marathon yet, have a great support network & reach your running goals!

Finding a marathon training schedule that works for you is an essential component to achieving your goals. Not only do you need to find a plan that fits... 

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Nutrition Articles
Do Runners have a Free Pass for Unhealthy Eating?
Can runners eat anything they like and stay thin? We look at the research to find out if you can keep your weight low, run fast, and eat fast-food.

When trying to lose weight, what is the first form of exercise that comes to mind for most? If you said running, you would be correct. As runners we are... 

Could Eating More Butter Help You Run Faster? The Sock-Doc
If you are fed up of the aches and pains that regularly arise as a runner, this interview with the Sock-Doc is just what you need. Dr Gangemi explains what you need to heal naturally, and stay injury free.

I don’t know about you, but I try to pride myself on being honest. I try to share my feelings, and talk about things as much as possible to make sure... 

8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Nutrition
Runners work so hard to get the most out of training to be ready for race day, but if your nutrition plan is wrong, you will be hungry all the time, feel flat, and sabotage your chance of success come race day. We give you 8-10 tips you can easily incorporate into your life, to get the most out of your training.

Today we are going to chat with Jason Fitzgerald (Founder of Strength Running) and Anne Mauney, the creators of the Nutrition for Runners Program. Nutrition... 

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Injury Prevention
What You Need to Know About Kinesiology Tape for Runners
Kinesio tape is common at running events and races, but does it actually help? We research into its background, uses, and effects for runners to give you the best advice on how to use it for performance, without becoming reliant on it to run fast.

As a runner, chances are you are already familiar with kinesiology tape and may well have personal experience regarding its use. For the unacquainted,... 

Is the Secret to Running Injury Free Foot Core?
New research points to the importance of strengthening the small muscles in your foot to stay healthy as a runner. This article analyzes the data and makes suggestions on how to implement this "foot core" into your training.

When you think of core exercises, what comes to mind? Probably sit-ups, planks, and back extensions. If you’re really on top of your game, you might... 

How to Run Like an Olympian in the Pool
If you are injured, you will do anything to keep your running fitness as high as possible. Deep water running will do just that. This guide explains the correct technique for you to get back to running as quickly as possible when you get back on land.

You knew in your heart something was wrong. You knew that pain was not the kind of pain you could run through, but you pushed it aside and kept going.... 

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General Articles
Team RunnersConnect toughs out tough heat to run strong race in distances from the 5K to half marathon with 3PRS and several age awards.

Stacy Thomas ran the Madison Mini Marathon in Madison, WI finishing this race distance in the time of 1:47:14 which is a PR of 1 minute and 14 seconds. It... 

Team RunnersConnects beating the heat in August racing strong with 2 Big PRs highlighting the weekend.

Allie Whitelaw ran the Leading Ladies Marathon in Spearfish, South Dakota coming across the finish line with a time of 3:21:14 which is a PR of 25 minutes. So... 

Team RunnersConnect runs strong into August with 9PRs leading the way.

Kory Wnuk ran the 14th Annual Janell LaCombe 5K in Fordoche, LA finishing this race in the time of 22:40 which a PR of 48 seconds. I warmed up for this... 

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Podcast Interviews

When Running and Comedy Collide- Liz Miele
Comedian Liz Miele talks about running on the Run to the Top podcast. Discussing why 2-pack is her word of the year, persistence, especially if you are not good at running right away, and how going for a run can be what we all need to find solutions.

Today’s guest is someone who brings fun to the sport but isn’t looking into breaking a world record. Liz Miele is a seasoned marathon runner, a stand-up comedian at Comedy Central including “Live at Gotham”, she’s been on “Late Night with... 

What This Top Podiatrist Wants You to Know About Running Injuries- Dr. Steve Pribut
One of the 125 top Podiatric physicians in the US comes on the Run to the Top podcast to talk about common injuries, and how to prevent them, and the role of motion control shoes in injuries.

Dr. Steve Pribut will be bringing something new to the table and you’re going to love it. A Podiatrist based in Washington D.C., he mainly specializes in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. Aside from that he is also a well-known expert of Podiatric... 

Get to Know the Run to the Top Podcast Host- Tina Muir
Listen to the Run to the Top Podcast by Runners Connect? This is a special edition episode with elite runner Tina Muir. Learn the story behind why she moved to the US to pursue her Olympic Running Dream. Tina is down to earth, and shows that elites are just like us! A must listen!

For today’s show, I have no guest because I am getting married in a few days! So I decided to share my story for anyone who is interested in learning more about me. I was interviewed on Marathon Training Academy a few months ago by Angie and Trevor,... 

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