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Training Articles
Why You Don’t Need to Train Faster to Run Faster
Feeling better on your runs after a strong section of training can encourage most of us to want to speed up our paces, but you can actually end up missing the training you need for your next race, making yourself less prepared. This is really interesting, and makes total sense with why we need to run slower, especially on easy days!

Sensational headline, I know. It likely belongs on the cover of a magazine being sold at the checkout line at a grocery store, but bear with me because... 

Think Running is all You Need to Keep Your Heart Healthy? Sorry, it’s Not!
Is running good for our hearts or not? Research can't decide. This article sorts through the most significant findings so far, and gives a list of heart healthy foods for runners to stay healthy, and limit risk of heart disease no matter what the research finds in the future.

There’s been a ton of attention in the news lately about long distance running and heart health, including our post looking at whether your VO2 max is... 

How RunnersConnect Half Marathon Training Plans Compare to Other Popular Programs
Half marathons can be one of the most enjoyable races for runners, but we need to make sure training goes well for it to happen. Enjoy this comparison of training programs to see why you need a coach, and which plan to go with.

Choosing the right half marathon training plan can be a difficult endeavor. If you’re a beginner, it’s a matter of trusting the plan to help... 

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Nutrition Articles
Do Runners have a Free Pass for Unhealthy Eating?
Can runners eat anything they like and stay thin? We look at the research to find out if you can keep your weight low, run fast, and eat fast-food.

When trying to lose weight, what is the first form of exercise that comes to mind for most? If you said running, you would be correct. As runners we are... 

Could Eating More Butter Help You Run Faster? The Sock-Doc
If you are fed up of the aches and pains that regularly arise as a runner, this interview with the Sock-Doc is just what you need. Dr Gangemi explains what you need to heal naturally, and stay injury free.

I don’t know about you, but I try to pride myself on being honest. I try to share my feelings, and talk about things as much as possible to make sure... 

8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Nutrition
Runners work so hard to get the most out of training to be ready for race day, but if your nutrition plan is wrong, you will be hungry all the time, feel flat, and sabotage your chance of success come race day. We give you 8-10 tips you can easily incorporate into your life, to get the most out of your training.

Today we are going to chat with Jason Fitzgerald (Founder of Strength Running) and Anne Mauney, the creators of the Nutrition for Runners Program. Nutrition... 

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Injury Prevention
4 Ways to Prevent and Treat Posterior Tibial Tendon Pain
Posterior tibial tendon pain can make you wonder if you will ever run pain-free again. Conservative and aggressive treatment options in this guide can help you return to running, and prevent it from coming back in the future.

Sharp pains in your arch or foot. Visible inflammation along the tendon. Stiffness in your ankle joint. A popping sensation. Sore to the touch. Do any... 

Can a Tuning Fork Detect a Stress Fracture?
Injuries can drive runners crazy as they search for answers, but can a tuning fork accurately detect a stress fracture? We want to get you back to running quick, and this post has everything you need to know about stress fractures.

There are two words that strike fear into any runner. When something hurts and you know in your heart that this is something serious, you hope and pray... 

What You Need to Know About Kinesiology Tape for Runners
Kinesio tape is common at running events and races, but does it actually help? We research into its background, uses, and effects for runners to give you the best advice on how to use it for performance, without becoming reliant on it to run fast.

As a runner, chances are you are already familiar with kinesiology tape and may well have personal experience regarding its use. For the unacquainted,... 

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General Articles
Team RunnersConnect has an awesome weekend as team members record 10 Personal Bests

Lorna SteMarie ran the Brooksie Way and finished with a time of 1:07:45. This was a personal record by 5 minutes. My first 10K and I was worried about... 

You Want the Runner’s High? Read This
Most runners have experienced runner's high, but struggle to explain it. How can we reach that euphoria while running more often? We found some interesting research, and wanted to share 7 tips to help you find your runner's high.

Do you remember when you first started running and someone asked you if you had experienced the runner’s high? Or maybe you are brand new to running... 

Team RunnersConnect has an incredible weekend as athletes notch 12 Personal Bests

Matthew Stewart ran the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Half Marathon and finished in 1:22:19. This was a new personal record by 5:01. Great mild race... 

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Podcast Interviews

Why It’s Important to be at Peace with Where You are in Your Training- Carrie Tollefson
Elite Runner Tina Muir interviews Olympian Carrie Tollefson to discuss how her setbacks led to her greatest accomplishments, how to juggle training when you have training, and how to be at peace with wherever you are at in your training.

We’ve all heard the expression – when one door closes, another opens. For my guest that expression had lasting meaning. Carrie Tollefson, a 2004 Olympian, had trained and planned for a spot on the 5K team, but as fate would have it she didn’t... 

Could Lifting Be What You Need to Run Faster?-Meghan Kennihan
Runners fear heavy lifting will cause weight gain and bulkiness, which slows them down. Meghan Kennihan explains why lifting will not only help you run faster, but prevent injuries. Change the way you look at lifting!

In today’s episode, we’ll be debunking a few fitness myths and learning some important tips with certified personal trainer and running coach, Meghan Kennihan. Meghan has loved sports for as long as she can remember, including: being on every sports... 

Hungry Runner Girl on Consistency as a Runner and Why a Community is so Valuable to Your Performance
Janae Jacobs has been inspiring others to run for years through her Hungry Runner Girl blog. Listen to her story, and how you can use the running community to keep improving, even if you are training alone. Janae shares how to stay motivated for treadmill running, and how to balance parenthood and your training.

My guest today is Janae Jacobs who writes a daily blog, Hungry Runner Girl. Not only does Janae give advice and share her journey of running, but her blog also serves as a community for runners to encourage and support one another. Hungry Runner Girl... 

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