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Training Articles
How RunnersConnect Marathon Training Plans Compare to Other Popular Programs
Looking for a training plan for your next marathon? This comparison looks at why RunnersConnect is the best choice for you to run your fastest marathon yet, have a great support network & reach your running goals!

Finding a marathon training schedule that works for you is an essential component to achieving your goals. Not only do you need to find a plan that fits... 

Runners and Fertility: What You Need to Know- Sarah Crouch
This podcast goes deep into female runner issues with fertility, amenorrhea, periods, & ovulation, and what to do in the absence of menstruation.

There are many topics that are covered over and over again, and some that you can ask someone about, or type into a search engine, and almost hear the... 

Menopause and Running: This is What You Need to Know
Senior Couple In Fitness Clothing Running Along Beach

There are some running related topics that come up over and over: What should I eat before I run? How do I get rid of a side stitch? What can I do about... 

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Nutrition Articles
Do Runners have a Free Pass for Unhealthy Eating?
Can runners eat anything they like and stay thin? We look at the research to find out if you can keep your weight low, run fast, and eat fast-food.

When trying to lose weight, what is the first form of exercise that comes to mind for most? If you said running, you would be correct. As runners we are... 

Could Eating More Butter Help You Run Faster? The Sock-Doc
If you are fed up of the aches and pains that regularly arise as a runner, this interview with the Sock-Doc is just what you need. Dr Gangemi explains what you need to heal naturally, and stay injury free.

I don’t know about you, but I try to pride myself on being honest. I try to share my feelings, and talk about things as much as possible to make sure... 

8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Nutrition
Runners work so hard to get the most out of training to be ready for race day, but if your nutrition plan is wrong, you will be hungry all the time, feel flat, and sabotage your chance of success come race day. We give you 8-10 tips you can easily incorporate into your life, to get the most out of your training.

Today we are going to chat with Jason Fitzgerald (Founder of Strength Running) and Anne Mauney, the creators of the Nutrition for Runners Program. Nutrition... 

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Injury Prevention
How to Run Like an Olympian in the Pool
If you are injured, you will do anything to keep your running fitness as high as possible. Deep water running will do just that. This guide explains the correct technique for you to get back to running as quickly as possible when you get back on land.

You knew in your heart something was wrong. You knew that pain was not the kind of pain you could run through, but you pushed it aside and kept going.... 

Why You Need to Take Care of Your Runner’s Knee NOW
Runner's knee is painful and frustrating, but could you also be doing long term damage and risking arthritis by running on it? We look at the research, and show you how to keep your knees healthy.

When something hurts, and is coming in the way of you and your running goals, you are looking for any kind of solution that could make it go away. We know... 

Is Your Stride Frequency Limited By Your Height?
Do taller runners have a lower stride frequency, and shorter runners a lower stride frequency? Things are not always what they seem; studies found no relationship between height and stride frequency.

If you follow running research, you probably know about all the evidence that says maintaining a high stride frequency (or stride rate or cadence) can... 

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General Articles
Team RunnersConnects closing down July with strong racing in all distances with 3 monster PRs highlighting the weekend.

Sascha Fennel ran the Rio Marathon in Rio de Janeiro finishing this race in the time of 3:42:41 which is PR of 11 minutes. “If you can dream it, you... 

How to Plan Your Racing Schedule for Success
It can be difficult to determine a racing schedule to allow you to reach your goals, and run fast when it matters, at your goal race. This article explains how to plan your training and racing, depending on how much you like (and have time to) race.

When it comes to racing, there seem to be two types of runners; those who race often, competing in many marathons a year, thinking about their next race... 

Team RunnersConnects beats the heat with 3PRS from the 5K to the marathon and one half marathon debut.
John S

John Sheridan ran his first half marathon at the Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Chicago, IL finishing this race in the time of 2:12:39. This was... 

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Podcast Interviews

Could Running By Effort be What You Need to PR?- Michele Gonzalez
Want to meet the runner behind the NYCRunningMama Blog? We interview Michele Gonzalez about running with 2 young kids, and how to reach your goals without sacrificing being a good mother. Great interview!

Today on the show I am excited to welcome Michele Gonzalez of the blog NYC Running Mama. First and foremost, Michele is an amazing person who puts her kids first, but also makes the time to run. She is a mother of two, Ironman finisher, ultra, and marathon... 

What Every Runner Needs to Know About How to Lose Weight- Mark Cucuzzella
Dr. Mark Cucuzella shares the insights that every runner needs to know; why runners are not exempt from heart disease, how to prevent heat stroke and hyponatremia (so important this time of year), and the difference between fit and healthy (it's not what you think!).

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella is an accomplished marathon runner. He is also a Professor at West Virginia University, a family physician, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserves, the Chief Medical Consultant for the Air Force Marathon, and the owner of... 

7+ Ways Cross Training Will Make You A Better, Stronger, Runner- Alan Webb, Darren Brown & Lynda Huey
The panel of experts discuss how to use cross training to reach the next level, and get faster without risking injury by running more. American Record Holder in the Mile; Alan Webb; ElliptiGO & Pool Running Expert; Lynda Huey weigh in. This is a must listen podcast for runners!

I have been thinking for a while that it is time to change it up. I loved the idea of having panel of experts on at the same time, I just needed a topic that would allow it. Recently on my personal blog, I wrote about why runners need to cross train,... 

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