How to Improve Your Running Form in Under 5 Minutes with the TrueForm Runner

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Today, we’ll be learning about the TrueForm Runner. You may or may not have heard of it, but it’s quickly becoming an international fitness phenomenon, and with good reason.

As runners, we all focus on having the best posture and form possible, so as to stay injury free and get the best results from our workouts. That’s where TrueForm comes in. Jeff Vernon, one of the developers of TrueForm Runner, will be joining us today to discuss the in’s and out’s, how it’s used and what you can gain by using it.

This special edition episode features the TrueForm runner, the latest phenomenon in running equipment. Founder Jeff Vernon explains how runners can change the way they run instantly to understand how to run efficiently and effectively even if only running on the TrueForm for a few minutes.

Here are some other topics we discuss:

  • Jeff’s journey to develop The TrueForm
  • The difference between TrueForm Runner and a motorized treadmill
  • How TrueForm Runner works
  • Why TrueForm Runner is different from others of it’s kind
  • How to find a TrueForm Runner near you

Due to injuries, Jeff couldn’t run on motorized treadmills. Not only that, but he had so much pain and swelling in his ankle that he couldn’t do much else, either. Jeff was always very athletic, so being sedentary was challenging for him, at best. Then came along TrueForm.

TrueForm Runner was an amazing learning experience for Jeff, and he’s psyched to share it with the rest of the world. Essentially, TrueForm forces you to have excellent posture and form while running, which results in a much more comfortable and efficient workout.

The TrueForm reveals all your mistakes, so there’s no turning back. You can finally know, once and for all, where the source of your weakness is, so you can then work on that specific area and gain the skills you need to be fit and efficient. Some other things we talk about include:

  • How TrueForm has affected the CrossFit community
  • Mark’s basic “1-2-3 Run” principle
  • The science behind good form
  • How to have an open mind during your fitness journey
  • Why TrueForm Runner has the potential to revolutionize your fitness level

To wrap it up, Jeff tells about the different kinds of treadmills TrueForm has to offer, how they were developed and why. Being one of the main contributors, this was a really unique opportunity to hear his behind-the-scenes stories about how TrueForm Runner came to life.

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