Why it is Important to Welcome the Bad Runs- Tom Foreman

The best runners out there still have painful, awful, days; what makes them good is that they accept that that was just a bad day. It’s not the definition of their ability or limits, and they know that tomorrow will be even better because of it.

Are you ready to experience this major perspective shift?

Our guest is Tom Foreman. He’s an Emmy award winning journalist who has been in the field for over 30 years. He’s an anchor and a reporter for CNN, an author, and the ultimate comeback kid when it comes running.

Today’s interview is amazing because it took a totally different direction from his book, and really opens up to being a very personal and fascinating story about his transformation as a runner.

“You should never run so hard today that you make yourself unwilling or unable to run tomorrow.”-Tom

Emmy award winning CNN reporter Tom Foreman shares his return to running story in a way that we can all relate to. This truly makes us appreciate running and just how much joy it brings to every area of our lives. I want to go purchase the book now!

Today’s topics include:

  • How to apply running to turn you into a better person
  • When it’s OK to skip a run and when it’s off limits
  • How to decide whether that marathon is really worth it (if you’re injured)
  • Why you should welcome bad runs as much as good ones
  • How to challenge yourself while still being realistic in your training
  • His experience with Ultra running as an older adult
  • How running with his daughter affected their bond

“We are not so far removed from the time when our survival depended on physical effort, that we can stop having physical effort now and still feel healthy.” – Tom

One of the biggest factors that contributed to his success was the way he paced his training: he truly strived to never overextend himself with any one run. Quite often, he tells us, the smartest or most valiant thing you can do when you think you should just push through something, is to back up and give it room.

“Work as hard at your life as you do at your running.” – Tom

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