Are You Guilty of the Biggest Mistake Runners Make?- Nancy Clark

If you have some burning questions about your running diet, tune in now and listen to this interview with legendary nutritionist Nancy Clark.

She’s a registered dietician with years of experience in the field of Sports Nutrition. She knows how important it is to develop a personalized nutrition plan based on your dietary needs and unique training plan, and we talk about how you can still treat yourself with dessert without blowing your calorie intake for the day.

The trick is knowing how many calories you burn per hour and what foods you like to eat that help you refuel after a run.

Are You Guilty of the Biggest Mistake Runners Make?- Nancy Clark

Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

  • How to eat well as a runner
  • How to find trusted information about nutrition
  • The truth about carb loading before marathon races
  • If there are any benefits to trendy diets like Paleo
  • The biggest diet mistake runners make
  • How Olympic runners eat
  • The greatest advice Nancy’s received and much more in our Final Kick Round

Questions Nancy is asked:

3:15 What inspired you to start learning about nutrition?

5:07 What do you love about sports nutrition?

6:43 How do we know what sources to trust in nutrition?

11:55 What’s the difference between a nutritionist, a dietician, and a wellness coach?

14:14 Do you recommend a nutrition allergy test?

16:03 How do you build a runner’s diet?

16:40 What’s the value of protein?

17:13 Is there a calculator for protein?

18:20 What are your thoughts on heavy carb loading before marathons?

20:52 Are ancient grains good for runners?

23:40 Nancy’s thoughts on the Paleo Diet

26:28 What is the biggest diet mistake runners make?

29:08 How should we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

31:23 Do Olympians eat different than us more casual runners?

33:53 How can our diets affect our relationships?

35:43 Where do you see eating disorders in the running population?

37:57 What is the best way for runners to fuel for a marathon?

39:06 Should runners use gels or electrolyte supplements?

42:36 Our Final Kick Round

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Quotes by Nancy:

“Nutrition is not a static science.”

“If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.”

“A personalized nutrition plan is really the best way to go because each of us is so unique.”

“The most important things is to not change your diet but to change your training.”

“It’s very important that we start looking at the whole day’s food intake and not one specific food.”

“When people are really rigid with their food, it’s very hard to be social…Ultimately, relationships are the most important thing, and when people’s food gets a little too restrictive, it really hurts relationships. There’s so much relating that happens over food.”

“Experiment on a daily basis with what you eat before you run, how you refuel afterwards, look at your energy levels, and at the end of each day [ask yourself] what went right, what went wrong, and how can I improve this.”

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