Molly Huddle: Why New York Was the Marathon for Molly

My guest today is one of the best distance runners in the country.

Molly Huddle finished 6th in the 10k at the 2016 Rio Olympics and is about to try her legs out on her first marathon in New York.

Molly is already a superstar – and has been since college – but that doesn’t stop her from learning new things.

She’s going to share all the tips and trick she’s learned as she’s trained for this big marathon, but she’s also going to talk about what it’s like to overcome some of the hardest and most challenging experiences in running, including a bad day at the world championships.

Her biggest piece of advice is to keep moving forward and continue doing your own thing on the track, because – as we all know – running is an extremely personal experience where we and we alone are always our hardest judges.

Molly Huddle is not just one of the best runners in the US, but in the World. This week Molly will run her debut Marathon in New York, and the world will be watching. Listen to her share how training has gone, how she sets her goals, and her proudest moment so far. Molly is an inspiration, and this is a must listen episode for runners everywhere.

Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

  • Learning about the competitive side of running
  • What it means to be contracted by big brand names
  • The power of a new pair of running shoes
  • What it’s like to live and run in Rhode Island
  • How to move forward after bad race days
  • Decorating bottles for race day

Questions Molly is asked:

4:04 How did your running journey start?

8:50 Do you always do your own thing when running?

10:40 What makes you stay loyal to Saucony as your sponsor?

12:25 What is it like to be contracted by big brands like Saucony?

14:00 What do sponsors use your photos for?

15:15 Can we get a sneak peek of what you and Saucony are planning for New York?

16:12 What are your favorite running shoes?

17:26 Which race meant more to you – the 5K or the 10K?

18:38 What do you like most about your running coach?

20:15 How did you end up with Ray as your coach?

21:50 Is there something about Rhode Island that you love?

23:07 What happened on that day at the World Championships?

26:19 Did your bad race give you extra motivation?

27:25 What’s your advice for other runners overcoming rough patches?

28:16 What is your proudest moment so far as a runner?

28:50 What are your long-term running goals?

30:43 What do you tell yourself when you’re having a hard time during a race?

32:20 What do you tell yourself when you’re having a great race?

33:42 Why pick New York as your first marathon?

36:30 Why are you always looking at your watch while running?

37:41 Have you heard tips from other running pros?

38:58 Do you hear the same kind of marathon advice over and over again?

39:27 How are you going to fuel for this New York marathon?

42:19 How are you training for your first marathon?

44:07 Did you feel different during marathon training?

45:18 What are your recovery tricks for distance running?

46:24 What’s the biggest surprise marathon training had in store for you?

47:32 Do you see yourself as someone who bounces around different types of races?

48:30 How are you handling all the attention on you before this marathon?

51:21 The Final Kick Round!

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Quotes by Molly:

“I think now I’m better at not being intimidated by who I’m standing next to on the starting line.”

“I was so excited that a company believed in me…and be a good representative of their brand.”

“I only care about getting better at running.”

“Part of the reason sports are hard at this level is that we’re all signing up for a breaking point.”

“I still like chasing that podium and chasing the dreams that I have in track and field. It’s still worth it to me, even with all the scars and bruises at the end.”

“It would be awesome to get one more Olympic experience in.”

“This first thing that goes when I’m uncomfortable is my patience.”

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