Meb Keflezighi, Shoba Murali, Wendy Feldman – The UCAN Super Starch Story

It’s not often in sport that there is something that can fundamentally, and legally, improve training and performance.

It’s even rarer that a product that was born out of a unique solution to a serious health issue can have wide-reaching applications, too.

Today we speak with Shoba Murali, one of the developers of Generation UCAN; Wendy Feldman, the mother of a child born with Glycogen Storage Disease, and (THE) Meb Keflezighi about how Generation UCAN came about, the impact it is having on athletes and non-athletes, and how Meb enjoyed tremendous success while using UCAN.

Time to try super starch?

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Shoba Murali  is a cofounder and CEO of The UCAN Company which developed and commercialized UCAN branded energy sustaining products using a patented ingredient SuperStarch.

This revolutionary carbohydrate has a one-of-a-kind energy profile providing steady glucose release, muted insulin response and enhanced fat burning.

Shoba helped launch the company, led the financing effort, shaped the overall manufacturing, formulation, clinical trials and marketing strategy of the company.

The company now markets its nutritional UCAN Performance Energy products, UCAN Workout Energy products and UCAN Bars for athletes and active lifestyle consumers who are training to be fit and want to finish stronger on game day. It will, in the future, explore clinical applications in diabetes and general health.

As a runner, Shoba has twice trained for and completed the Hartford Half Marathon in CT.

Wendy Feldman

Wendy Feldman is a mother of 4, a runner, and one of the driving forces behind the discovery of SuperStarch.

Wendy’s oldest son Jonah suffers from a rare metabolic disorder that causes severe hypoglycemia. For years, this required Wendy and her husband David to feed their son at frequent intervals throughout the day and night. The discovery of SuperStarch ultimately provided a solution for Wendy and her family to help Jonah maintain steady energy levels, but they never could have imagined the far reaching impact of SuperStarch. 

Wendy is also a runner and trains for local road races of various distances over the course of the year.

Meb Keflezighi

And Meb Keflezighi, Meb needs no introduction to most runners.

Meb joins us toward the end of the interview and shares just how  much he has benefitted from using Generation UCAN, SuperStarch, since its beginning, slightly more than a decade ago. He also shares how he uses it currently and when he was training for his New York and Boston Marathon wins.

Questions our guests are asked:

4:57 Wendy, what can you tell us about your son Jonah and his condition?

6:44 When did you start testing super-starch?

9:33 How old was Jonah when you found the initial research on carbohydrates?

11:20 Did you initially realize the athletic benefits?

11:56 What were the results of testing UCAN with Jonah?

14:46 What about your other children? Is there a genetic connection?

15:38 When did you find out about the athletic potential and who discovered it?

20:10 How does the texture compare to other performance drinks?

21:18 What about trials with athletes?

23:27 What does UCAN stand for?

23:50 Was UCAN the original name?

24:28 When and how did Meb come into the picture?

27:58 What does super-starch do differently from other energy sources like sugar?

31:24 What potential is there for diabetics?

32:16 How do runners actually benefit from using UCAN?

35:26 Wendy, what does it mean to be involved with UCAN?

36:33 Shoba, what does it mean to you?

37:43 For something that seems to be a discreet benefit, how can people know it’s working for them?

39:24 How is Jonah now and does he have to anything really differently?

40:11 Can UCAN help with Type 1 diabetes?

43:20 Meb, what is your experience with UCAN?

44:49 How do you use UCAN in your training?

45:35 How simple is it to use UCAN?

46:47 How did you use and benefit from UCAN for the NYC Marathon win?

48:30 Meb, does UCAN work well with training?

50:08 Shoba, are there any downsides to using UCAN?

50:59 Meb, what is your relationship like with the UCAN family?

55:35 Any final thoughts?


“Nothing is too difficult to overcome.”

“We know that it is going to give you sustained glucose because nothing else was going to work with Jonah. There’s no ‘placebo effect’ in Jonah.”

“Each one’s body is so different it depends on what level of intensity you plan to run that day, but overall it’s insurance for you. If you know that you haven’t had anything else prior to your run, have a shake of UCAN about 30-45 minutes before, you’re pretty good to go for the first 90 minutes.”

“Everyone here in this company, they’re our friends, they’re our family, they go above and beyond and it started with Jonah which is really incredible.”

“Jonah’s grandparents are using UCAN, Jonah’s grandmother runs the New Haven Road Race every year. Jonah’s dad uses it for his tennis and almost every morning as a breakfast shake.”

“UCAN is there to help you be the best you can and don’t waste any more time; if you’re looking for a game changer, give it a shot.” – Meb Keflezighi


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