From Never Eating Again to Racing the Himalayan 100 Mile: Sarah Russell

I just want you to imagine how tired you feel at the end of the furthest race you have done, be it a 5k, marathon or ultra.

Think of how much of an accomplishment that is.

Now imagine doing a 100 mile race, how would that feel?

How about 100 mile race through the Himalayas?

Makes me feel tired even thinking about it, but how about if not only did you have to run 100 miles through the Himalyas, but you ran that 100 mile race oarrying a colostomy bag, and only 2 years prior you were in a high dependency unit wondering if you would ever eat again.

That is what you are going to hear about today from our guest, one inspiring woman. This is a story you do not want to miss!

Runners Connect Coach Sarah Russell tells her story about how she went from 5 months in hospital, wondering if she could ever eat again, to running the Himalayan 100 mile race in under 3 years. This inspiring interview teaches us all something about how to appreciate life, and what is most important.

Our guest today, Sarah Russell, was recently featured in the Telegraph (a prestigious newspaper in the UK). Sarah is

  • Consultant Editor for Running fitness Magazine, and a writer for Runners Connect
  • Running, Biomechanics & Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Coach and founder of Sarah Runners- group for beginners and intermediates; with over 350 members
  • Represented Great Britain as an U23 lightweight rower in 1993
  • Part of Team GB at the European and World Duathlon Championships in 2006 and 2007.
  • Former Race Director Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon.

Todays Episode will cover

  •  How Sarah went from having 5 serious surgeries in 3 years to racing 100 miles across the Himalayas within 3 years
  • The perspective change that occurred within Sarah’s attitude towards challenges
  • How it felt to wake up at altitude with views of Mount Everest after 5 months in hospital wondering if she would ever be able to eat again
  • How the race taught Sarah the raw appreciation of what we are capable of, and how that sense of achievement resulted in one of the best moments of her life
  • What the Himalayan 100 experience involved; from sleeping in tin sheds, wearing every item of clothing she had with her, covered in blankets, to trekking through the jungle and rainforest in sweltering temperatures
  • Why Sarah believes life is all about creating memories with those you love, and sharing experiences with other runners.

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An article written on Sarah in the Telegraph Newspaper- What’s harder than childbirth? A 100-mile run through India with a colostomy bag

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