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Here's what other coaches & athletes are saying

I have come across many coaches, scientists, and physicians associated with running in my lifetime. No one connects all the dots with history, science, and practical application like RunnersConnect does. I look forward to their frequent posts, which are referenced with science and applicable to all the current trends and debates in running. 

- Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

As a master's runner and journalist specializing in running, I find the well researched information presented on Runner's Connect incredibly useful. You won't find a better clearing house of running knowledge on the Internet! 

- Amanda Loudin 

I love your emails! You cover all the important injury prevention and topics related to running performance. As a competitive runner, I'm always learning more from Runners Connect!  

- Barbara Broad

As usual, Jeff and the RunnersConnect team goes beyond all the simplistic advice you normally find in magazines and backs up all theories with research and pratical examples. 

- Brian Connors

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