Coach Jeff Answers Your Training Questions

jeff gaudette coachingLast week I had the chance to participate in a Coach Chat courtesy of the folks at RunKeeper. We took questions from the audience and I tired to frame all the answers as generally as possible to help as many listeners as possible.

I think the resulting interview was awesome, so I thought I would share the Coach Chat in a different format.

I have edited the video so you can watch and listen to each question and answer individually.

I have also included the audio as one complete file so you can listen as a podcast on your next run.
You can find the entire video and audio file at the end of this post.

If you enjoy this type of post, I will definitely do more of them. Please leave a comment with a yay or neh if you want to see this type of question/answer more often.

Here’s what we covered:

Question #1:

I have been regularly for a few months and suddenly started experiencing pain in my upper right leg. how can I tell if this is muscular or something else? I am really missing running! Can I keep running?

What I discussed:

  • How to tell the difference between normal running soreness and an injury
  • What to do when you do get injured
  • The mistake you should absolutely not make when facing a potential injury
  • Why you likely won’t lose any fitness if you do need to take time off

Resources mentioned and further reading

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Losing fitness

The danger of having an unwillingness to take time off

Scientific symptoms, causes and treatments for common running injuries

The relationship between hip strength and running injuries

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