Runner’s Calorie CalculatorFinally, you can easily calculate how many calories you burn while running

This calorie calculator will help you analyze the amount of calories you burn each day so you can better target your nutrition needs. At the most basic level, losing weight is about taking in or eating less calories than you burn each day. With this calculator, you’ll have a better understanding of just how many extra calories you can or should consume given your run distance each day.

The first number generated for you, “Calories burned without running” is the amount of calories you burn by just performing daily functions. Simply speaking, this is the amount of calories you would need to eat to maintain your current weight and energy levels when doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and a slight bit of walking around.

The second number generated for you is the neat number, which is the number of calories you burned on during the run. By taking into account your weight, distance, and pace, we you can get an accurate measurement of the total calories you’ve burned.

The usefulness of this calculator lies in the third number, the “total calories burned for the day”. This number is the total number of calories, running plus daily activities that you’ve burned. So, for you to maintain proper energy and recovery levels, you need to eat at least this many calories, if not more. Likewise, if you are looking to loose weight, you need eat less than this number of calories.

In addition, I’ve included the number for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you should target for consumption. Typically, calculators display this number as a percentage, but providing a number in grams, which is how it will be displayed on any nutrition label.

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