Ultra Runner Arafat and The Great Bangladesh Global Run

The Great Bangladesh Global Run Day

June 6, 2018 is Global Running Day. Run to the Top celebrates the global nature of running as we learn what it is like to run, and race, in Bangladesh.

We are joined by Mohammad Shamsuzzaman Arafat who, to honor health and running, has aleady run 1004 kilometers from bottom to top of his country. Bangladesh, a country the size of the state of Iowa, is home to a population larger than all of Russia.

Arafat is a 27 year-old ultra runner and founder of The Great Bangladesh Run, a movement that is focused on making a healthier and stronger Bangladesh.

The Great Bangladesh Run v2

625 miles in 20 days

Arafat ran 1,004 Km (625 Miles) in 20 days across Bangladesh to create awareness of good health through running and triathlons. He explains some of the reactions he received from his fellow countrymen in a part of the world where running is nowhere near as popular or common as in other countries.

Arafat had an unusual introduction into running, which he shares with us. We also get a glimpse into the special place that is Bangladesh. For instance, we learn that Bangladesh has members of several major religions who celebrate all their major holidays hand in hand.

Arafat gives the world an open invitation to join them for future Global Running days and welcomes us to reach out to him via his contact information below.

Questions Arafat is asked:

2:36 First Four:

  1. How old are you?
  2. Where were you born?
  3. Where do you live now?
  4. What is your favorite race distance or type of race?

7:37 How did you get into running and what are you doing now?

10:42 How old were you when you did your half-marathon?

10:58 What can you tell us about Bangladesh?

15:23 What is the native language of Bangladesh?

16:56 How is running different for Muslims than for non-Muslims?

18:31 Can Muslim women run at night?

19:23 How do Muslims train during Ramadan?

21:10 What happens during Ramadan?

22:25 Are there specific times you can run during Ramadan?

22:51 Do you time it so you can break your fast when you’re finished with a run?

23:46 What is the meaning of Ramadan?

24:37 During the Ramadan daylight hours do you add an extra prayer?

26:09 How do you handle prayers during a race?

27:44 How do the people of Bangladesh feel about running?

30:04 What can you tell us about The Great Bangladesh Run and where exactly in Bangladesh is it taking place? How can we help support it?

32:09 How many members are involved in promoting running?

32:40 Is it a challenge running through regular street traffic?

34:24 How did people react to you as you were running your 1,006 Km?

38:12 Favorite running book(s)?

39:10 What can you tell us about your upcoming race and how can listeners stay in touch?

Quotes by Arafat:

“It’s not a matter of support; it’s a matter of willingness, it’s a matter of heart. If I want something by heart, I can do it.”

“We are trying to encourage people to join a healthy movement, an active lifestyle. We are trying to start a movement.”

“Most people in Bangladesh wonder why you would run.  People only run after a ball. One foot in front of the other is (considered to be) too boring. But I just say, ‘It’s fun.’ ”

“If prayer time comes during a marathon, we try to perform our prayers before or after the marathon.”

“Bangladesh is a country of possibilities, a land of stories with great hospitalities.”

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