Do You Know What to Do if Your Life is in Danger When You are on a Run? with Todd Williams

Running has been in the spotlight a lot in the past few weeks, and not for a positive reason. Because there have been some recent physical attacks on runners, it’s important to understand how to stay safe while running.

Do you know what to do if your life is in danger?

This information is important for men and women alike.

Todd Williams, two-time Olympian and black-belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, is the founder of He talks to us today about how to keep your personal safety in mind while running.

One major key is not getting complacent, which is a trap that many runners fall into.

Safety while running is the most important thing we could ever have to think about. Todd Williams, Olympian, and founder of Run Safer, explains how to avoid putting your life in danger while you are out on a run, and what to do if you do find your life at risk. The most important episode you will ever listen to.

Some of the topics you’ll hear about include:

  • Todd’s athletic history and how it was to compete in the Olympics.
  • Why he started taking up Brazilian jiu jitsu.
  • Todd’s best tips for staying safe while running.
  • What to expect at a RunSafer workshop.
  • What to look for in a workshop to be sure it will be effective for you.
  • The greatest advice Todd’s ever received, his favorite book, what he’d tell a new runner, his favorite pre-run meal and his favorite running product in the Final Kick.

Questions Todd is asked:

2:50: What’s it like being an Olympian?

7:45: What made you move toward martial arts, and what is Brazilian jiu jitsu?

13:45: How did the training for jiu jitsu differ from training as a runner?

16:35: Do you think you would have been able to do jiu jitsu and running at the same time, or are they too opposite?

18:10: Do you think the recent attacks were flukes or something that will continue to happen?

20:00: What are your best safety tips for runners?

21:20: Should you change your route as you run?

22:10: What about people who have to run early in the morning in the dark?

24:30: Can an attacker be in a remote location even if you’ve never been there before?

25:30: What would you say to men who think it can’t happen to them because it’s just for women?

27:30: Are there personality traits that “scary people” have in common?

29:15: What do you think about listening to music and listening to headphones?

30:50: What would you say to someone who thinks they could outrun an attacker?

32:20: Explain how helpful mace, an alarm, carrying a key between your knuckles, etc, are.

35:00: With GoGuarded or mace, do you go for the eyes?

36:35: What can someone expect at one of your workshops?

45:55: How can people know what type of safety workshop would be effective?

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Quotes by Todd:

“The reason I got into jiu jitsu is because I knew I needed something in my life that was a challenge…. I knew it would help me stay fit and I knew it would be a challenge.”

“There are a lot of headlines I read where someone is out for a walk and is assaulted, where someone is out for a run and is attacked.”

“Jiu jitsu is a martial art that I love, and it paralleled my running.”

“The key to any situation is to be prepared at all times and to never be complacent…. I wish my business would go out of business.”

“My number one safety tip is to try to be around populated areas and run with a buddy.”

“Most attacks that I’ve heard about have happened while [the runner] was alone.

“Try to vary your routine and don’t get locked into the same place every day.”

“If you see something that doesn’t look right, do a 180 and get back onto the bike trail. Don’t go off the beaten path.”

“When we get into self-defense… you want to have every split second of time available to react. If your music’s too loud, you can’t hear someone until they’re right up on you. You want that time available. Turn it down so you can hear everything at all times.”

“Under a really stressful situation, think, can I use mace? Can I use a handgun? Can I use keys?”

“As far as a physical target, go for the vision. If you can get into the vision, 9 times out of 10, it will open up other possibilities that you can go for…. It sounds gory… but if your life is on the line, you need to flip that switch. Be ready to do what you need to do to save your life.”

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