Could Eating More Butter Help You Run Faster? The Sock-Doc

I don’t know about you, but I try to pride myself on being honest. I try to share my feelings, and talk about things as much as possible to make sure everyone knows that I am only human, and not interested in coming across as perfect.

I love talking to other people who have that similar kind of mindset, and my guest today is one of those people. Not interested in telling you what you want to hear, but instead using his knowledge as a doctor to teach you how to make yourself more healthy, rather than giving you something to treat the symptoms, but never really addressing the true source of the problem.

If you are fed up of the aches and pains that regularly arise as a runner, this interview with the Sock-Doc is just what you need. Dr Gangemi explains what you need to heal naturally, and stay injury free.

Today I am talking to Steve Gangemi, also known as the Sock Doc.

  • Dr Gangemi is doctor who focuses on holisitic health care, focusing on the entire body rather than just the areas that are giving you trouble to look at why you are having an issue, to prevent it from happening again.
    • Sock doc is not what you think!
  • He has completed 16 ironmans, and has been a competitive triathlete and runner for most of his life- understands runners
  • Dr. Gangemi has had training in functional neurology, biochemistry, acupressure, applied kinesiology and dietary and lifestyle medication methods.

Some of the topics we will cover today include:

  • Which area of the body is an issue for most people, even runners, and how keeping it loose could improve your performance. You will be surprised!
  • What the Sock Doc has attributed his injury free streak of almost 20 years to
  • How to transition safely to minimalist shoes, and why you need to spend more time barefoot
  • How to change your eating habits to allow your body to heal better naturally, rather than relying on anti-inflammatory pills. This will help you heal quicker than you expect!
  • Why eating more butter could change your life for the better, and make you fun faster!

Just to warn you, we did drop the call in the middle, but don’t worry, we jump right back in there to get back to the conversation, and continue our learning! Doc Steve Gangemi.mp3

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Sock-Doc website

Sock-Doc Shoulder Video

NSAIDs article

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7 Responses on “Could Eating More Butter Help You Run Faster? The Sock-Doc

  1. Wow, I didn’t know about this podcast 🙂 Can you please do more science in running? I am really interested about this kind of topic 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the podcast and the variety.

    As I’ve been battling an injury this year, I’m interested in learning if there are things I can do better when I return to running. This was another good one for the view of “you can fix it without propping it up with meds and supports.”

    Aside from Sock-Doc (and he does have a lot of great info on his website), I’m curious if there are other related resources you’d suggest or terms to help track down a local coach or trainer that takes this holistic approach.


    • Hi Jim, thanks for the comment. It is great to hear that you are enjoying the podcasts. Sorry to hear you have been going through injuries, but yes, the Sock Doc did have some great advice! We will be on the lookout for other resources for holistic treatment, but you may benefit from doing exercises so strengthen those injuries. We have a great course for Strength Training, which will help prevent injuries in the future. You can find this here I would also recommend listening to another podcast with Physical Therapist Jeremy Stoker, who understands runners, and is able to provide recommendations for cross training to keep runners healthy. Here is the link for that podcast: Finally, we also talked to Nina Anderson, who is a huge believer in holistic treatment, here is the link to her podcast episode: Hope this helps!

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