Struggling to Lose Weight as a Runner? Here is the Secret with Runs For Cookies

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Today we’re talking about the weight loss aspect of running. We’re talking with Katie Foster who’s lost 125 pounds from running and has become an inspiration to runners and non-runners alike. She has some great advice. She’s best known for her Runs for Cookies blog and chronicles her journey and her ups and downs and really is inspiring.

“I was willing to only do changes that I could make forever.” – Katie

Katie talks with us about how making a list of the changes you intend to make could be the difference between temporary and permanent results, how to still enjoy your favorite foods and how to get started with a weight loss program.

“It gets easier. Eventually running will be the easy sport where before it was something to dread. It feels natural and it feels good.” – Katie

Losing weight is TOUGH. Runs for Cookies lost over 100lbs through running (& kept it off). Hear how she did it, and how you can make sure you do too by only implementing changes you can make for life. Inspiring story!

Highlights from today’s episode includes:

  • Katie’s journey
  • Taking off the training wheels, her “Aha” moment
  • Easier changes for success
  • 30 goals by 30 and her running start
  • Advice for those getting started
  • Connecting with the running community
  • Keeping a healthy balance
  • Making choices
  • Handling injuries
  • Making weight loss goals/Making running goals

Katie’s advice? Do it now. Do it now and only make changes you can live with forever. There’s no reason to wait.

“I have finally decided to accept how I am right now and be happy with it and be the best version of me I can be, now, in this moment.” – Katie

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