How to Distract Your Mind When it Tells You to Quit- Perry Newburn

If you think it’s impossible to run 50+ miles day for weeks on end, our guest today is here to prove you wrong!

After overcoming a 16 year battle with heroin addiction, Perry Newburn is lucky to be alive.

He realizes what running brings to our lives, and wanted to give back to the running community in the same way that he had been given a second chance. Perry became the king of long-distance running and he’s run numerous marathons, ultra races, and challenges like running around the outside of both islands of New Zealand and running for 72 hours straight with no sleep!

Perry recently celebrated his 60th birthday by running 3000 miles across the United States in 51 days 19 hours and 14 minute, covering an average of 55 miles a day!

Perry shares his advice on how to handle ultra events like this, and how the body actually gets used to the mileage after about 10 days of running. Perry also shares his mental tips that keep him going when he is struggling, and he’s on today to share how running helped him overcome addiction and start living life.

Running helped Perry Newburn overcome a 16 year battle with heroin, and he realized the positive effect running has on mental wellness. To give back to the runner community, Perry has completed ultra challenges all over the world, most recently, for his 60th birthday, running across the US, covering the 3000miles in 51 days. Hear his inspiring and motivational story, and learn how you can challenge yourself too.

Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

  • Building self-confidence with sports, running, and jogging
  • What it’s like to run 100+ miles
  • How Moon Joggers run to the moon and back
  • How to train for these long-distance runs
  • The ways your body goes farther than your mind thinks it can
  • Why it’s so important to keep running fun
  • Perry’s biggest piece of advice and more in our Final Kick Round

Questions Perry is asked:

3:20 What was your life like before running?

7:04 What was running your first marathon like?

9:30 What is it like running 100-mile marathons?

10:55 How does running help you give back to your community?

12:50 How do you balance working full-time with running long distances?

13:47 What did you learn about your body from long-distance running?

16:03 What’s your favorite food to eat while running?

17:13 What was your run around New Zealand like?

19:32 What are Moon Joggers?

21:30 How do you train for long-distance running?

22:44 How fast can you run?

23:50 What’s it like to run without sleep?

24:48 How do breaks help your body and your mind refuel?

26:35 What unexpected things do you prepare for during a run?

28:46 How do you deal with pain during a run?

33:40 When mental trick do you utilize on runs as long as these?

35:40 How do you map your long-distance routes?

37:10 Did you have daily goals during long-distance runs?

38:04 What was the biggest bit of trouble you experienced during your US run?

39:18 How do sponsors help you run?

41:05 How did the running community support during these runs?

42:33 What was your favorite part of your long-distance US run?

43:57 How did it feel when you finally started this race?

45:13 How do you keep running long distance fun?

48:00 How many people yelled Forrest Gump quotes at you while running?

48:45 What do you love so much about long-distance running?

51:45 Why is it so important to make running fun?

54:40 Our Final Kick Round

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Quotes by Perry:

“I started to enjoy running and I started to enjoy that freedom of being out in the open air and clearing my head.”

“Expect the unexpected. Anything can happen, and if I wasn’t expecting the unexpected, when it happened, it could throw me.”

“The support I got: people turning up on the side of the road, people turning up at 3 in the morning just to run a few miles…I was amazed. If people ever had trouble with humanity, all they needed to do was spend 2 or 3 days on the road with me and their minds would have been totally changed. People were just awesome.”

“It doesn’t matter where I’m running. It’s the fresh air.”

“Running across America is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.”

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