What Makes You a “Real” Runner: Interview With Jill Angie

Have you ever felt that you weren’t (or aren’t) a ‘Real Runner’?

Maybe it was because of a perceived lack of speed, perceived body image or something else.

Well, you’re not alone and we have just the guest to help reframe any negative self-talk that is holding you back from your best running self.

This week we are joined by Jill Angie – author, podcast host, Certified Running and Life Coach, personal trainer and believer in those who have trouble believing in themselves.

Jill founded Not Your Average Runner which has blossomed into several books, a podcast, a Facebook Community and coaching program.

Jill believes that running should be running fun and accessible for runners of all shapes, size and speed.

In this episode, she walks us through her own personal journey of running and how she now helps all types of runners gain a clearer perspective on what it means to run. And, while Jill’s primary focus is plus-size women, this conversation is one that every runner can benefit from.


Questions Jill is asked:

3:44 First Four:

  1. How old are you?
  2. Where were you born?
  3. Where do you live now?
  4. What is your favorite race distance or type of race?

6:42 How did running come into your life?

8:29 How old were you when you ran your first 5K?

9:59 What obstacles did you have to overcome to think of yourself as a ‘Runner”?

14:09 How do you help the athletes you coach work through their “fear of finishing last”?

19:47 How do you integrate Run-Walk training with your athletes and yourself?

27:00 When / how should people take walk breaks? Just once they’re tired?

30:07 What can you tell us about the ‘Not Your Average Runner” Podcast?

34:54 What about the 3 books you’ve written?

36:18 What people or experiences have had the biggest impact on you?

37:54 How long have you been life coaching?

38:41 What’s your take on the connection between nutrition and physical activity?

44:45 Final Kick Round:

  1. What is your favorite local training run (location, starting point, parking, distance, terrain and safety issues)?
  2. Favorite running book(s)?
  3. Advice for new runners?
  4. Favorite Quote?

Quotes by Jill:

“The running for sure infiltrates my whole life,  but my real jam is helping women use running to really fall in love with themselves.”

“I realized other people were looking at me and saying, ‘SHE’s a real runner’ and so I thought, ‘If other people believe it then maybe I can believe it about myself’.”

“Everybody deserves to run in the sunshine.”

“Coming in last doesnt’ take away ANYTHING from the achievement. It’s literally just data; it’s the number of minutes it took you to cover a certain number of miles and that’s it. It doesn’t mean anything else about you.”

“Run-Walk allows your body to recover during those short walk breaks, it allows you to run faster overall and I think it kind of insures that you’re going to be a runner for the next 40 years, rather than just the next 10 years.”

Take a Listen on Your Next Run

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