There is No Finish Line: Commit to Continuous Growth-Josh Trent

The journey of losing weight is not easy.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight in the past knows that all too well, but our guest today not only shares his struggles with using food as comfort to process his emotions, but how he finally broke free of using food as a form of self medication.

Josh Trent, of Wellness Force Radio has fantastic advice for us all on how to grow to love our bodies from a place of abundance and trust, rather than a place of anger (like so many of us do).

Every human being goes through stages, and although therapy has been shunned in the past, Josh has some great insights on why it is so important, and can help us upgrade our old software to deal with our issues once and for all/.

Josh talks about having a why, the reason you are willing to put in all the hours for your training, and that why should be bigger than you. Having a why that makes you cry will give you energy to pull from when life stacks roadblocks in front of you. We only have control over our experiences, and we need to make sure that our behaviors are in alignment with our goals.

Josh challenges us all to set a new fear PR, something that is terrifying, but will help us to feel more alive than ever before.

If you are ready to make 2017 your best year ever, this is an episode to inspire you to do just that.

There is No Finish Line: Commit to Continuous Growth-Josh Trent

Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

  • Why Josh felt like he wasn’t running towards pleasure, but instead, away from pain
  • The difference between Eustress and Distress
  • Why the first 5 minutes of your day are the most important, are you eating mental junk food?
  • Why voicing the thoughts that are going through your head will take the power out of them
  • How to use habit formation to reach your goals
  • Why having a community will help you to replace the negative thoughts in your mind

Questions Josh is asked:

4:15 Where did your journey start?

8:15 What was it about the moment with the red cup that made something switch in your mind?

9:25 We often think of drugs as pills, but tell us how food or exercise can be that addiction or way of coping with our feelings

12:30 You lost 75lbs, but we are in a world of perfection, so we struggle to find peace with ourselves, how did you learn to do this while you were going through this journey?

15:00 What can people recognize within themselves, where they can realize they are in a place of anger, and how can they move to a place of love?

16:00 Tell us about some of strategies to get out of a negative mindset

20:00 How long did it take you to spin your mental perspective to where you were confident in who you were?

22:20 How did you get to a place to where you did not see vulnerability as a weakness or something to be embarrassed about?

25:15 Why do you encourage people to face their frustrations and be vulnerable?

26:25 How can we make sure we make a behavior change rather than a New Years Resolution?

32:20 Let’s use an example of a runner, and how they can make good choices to be ready for their big race coming up

36:20 What about people with families who believe it is not realistic to put themselves first, what would you like to say to them?

39:30 Describe just how much our negative thoughts affect us during races, and how can we take the steps to overcome those negative thoughts in a race?

41:30 How do you practice going against the negative thoughts in the moment?

48:00 You always ask your guests for what their definition of wellness is, what is yours?

49:30 Is it possible to fill up all three cups to have balance in our lives?

51:30 What themes come up over and over on your podcast interviews, that you would like to tell people today?

53:00 What are examples of some “why’s” that will help people achieve their goals?

56:35 The Final Kick Round!

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