Interview with Mario Fraioli, Author of the Rock and Roll Guide to Marathon and Half Marathon Training

The Official Rock n’ Roll Guide to Marathon and Half Marathon trainingOn today’s show we’re chatting with Mario Fraioli, who is an Olympic-level coach, senior editor of Competitor magazine, and one of the brightest young minds in the sport.

Mario just released his first book,
The Official Rock n’ Roll Guide to Marathon and Half Marathon training
. In this interview, we’re going to discuss the concepts and training plans outlined in the book as well as lessons learned from his years of coaching and training experience.

In this interview we’ll cover:

  • How and why a lack of patience and trying to take too big a leap in fitness/results was one of the biggest mistakes he made in his own training and how he sees the same tendency in the runners he coaches.
  • Mario’s approach to individualistic training and how understanding the framework of a training schedule is more important than blindly following a generic plan.
  • We discuss Mario’s approach to race specific work and get in-depth about his favorite marathon workout, the Squires long run.

This was an insightful interview packed with lots of actionable lessons.

I highly recommend picking up Mario’s book. It’s basic enough to be valuable for beginners, yet doesn’t gloss over training theory, so even experienced runners will learn a lot. Not only does it have some great plans, but it will help you understand the framework of how a training schedule is structured.

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