Follow These 5 Steps and You Will Run Pain Free with Brad Beer

How many of you think injuries are normal part of running?

Well, we’re here to tell you it’s not.

Not only is it entirely possible to run injury free, but it’s possible for everyone. Today we’ll be discussing how to do it by following, his “insurance policy” for injury free running which he outlines in his bestselling book: “You Can Run Pain Free”.

Our guest today is Brad Beer, creator of Pogophysio and a physical therapist that has had over 25,000 consultations and worked with gold medal Olympians and world champions. He went from being a junior competitive triathlon to being a world-renowned physiotherapist.

During that time though, he never stopped training, and eventually ended up getting injured. He gives us the low down on exactly how he handled 6 months off and got out of his depression. We dive into explaining the emotional aspect of not being able to run, and how it can be worse than the physical injury itself.

I always believed injuries were just inevitable, but after listening to this podcast episode, I am convinced it really is possible for every runner to be injury free. This is definitely worth a listen!

These are the five steps to Brad’s “insurance policy”:

  1. Identifying your body type and understanding your running body: even if your genetic pool seems against you, anyone can be a runner. Sometimes the tendency is to denounce any responsibility by saying you’re not built to run, but anyone can enjoy injury-free running.
  2. Running with good technique: everything from runner’s most common mistakes down to arm form, and how to correct bad form in every area.
  3. Appropriate footwear: your footwear can either be making or breaking your run. This step included some really great advice on what footwear to wear, when and why.
  4. The importance of hip stability: hip stability is a huge deal, and it can totally change the way your run and stride. This one is also a major cause of running injuries.
  5. The power of rest: rest is probably the most important part of our training, and yet we so often neglect it. Our guest tells us a story about what happened when he recently did just that.

Cadence also makes a huge difference in a person’s running. We talk about why it’s so important, the truth surrounding overpronation, and the reason why your hips could be causing your injuries. He also tells us a cool story about how he basically saved someone’s life through his physiological practice.

Be sure to check out Brad’s book on Amazon, and enter HERE to be one of five listeners anywhere in the world to win a free copy (he also is paying for shipping!) of the book.

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