• Treadmill Workouts

    Our amazing resource with 4 treadmill specific workouts guaranteed to keep you sane and fit! You’ll learn about the In-N-Out workout, how to “run like an Egyptian” and get my favorite “green eggs and ham” workout

  • Recovery Foods-3

    Foods to Eat Before a Run

    Our comprehensive resource on the best foods to eat before a run and why you should be eating them

  • Breathing Exercises

    The most effective pilates exercises to strengthen your diaphragm.

  • Lacing Techniques

    Download our Running Shoe Lacing guide for free and get a quick reminder, specific how-to and resources for videos on the best way to lace your running shoes

  • Recovery Foods

    The top 10 foods for each of the essential recovery vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients. Plus a sample 1-day meal plan!


    Side Stitch

    Struggling with side stitches? Here are the 3 most critical stretching and strengthening exercises you can perform to prevent and treat side stitches.

  • Foam Rolling

    The guide includes detailed videos and instructions help you understand the “why” behind every movement and exactly how to execute so you’re confident you’re foam rolling correctly, avoiding common mistakes and you’re getting the most from your session.

  • Recovery Foods-4

    Pilates Breathing Exercises

    Images and descriptions of the most effective pilates exercises to strengthen your body while relaxing your mind.

  • Kettlebell

    Kettlebell Training for Runners

    Download a sample routine from our Kettlebell for Runners program. It’s a video and PDF of our basic kettlebell core routine for runners.

  • Marathon Recovery

    Marathon Recovery Schedule

    How to recover correctly in the 3 weeks post marathon, plus our cross training guide with over 20 sample workouts for the most common cross training types.

  • Recovery Foods-9

    Nutrition During Marathon Taper

    A plan of exactly what you should be eating in the 5 days to 3 hours before your race. We give specific food recommendations to make sure you are ready on race day.

  • Hip Strength

    Top 5 Hip Strengthening Exercises

    A video and PDF of the 5 most effective hip exercises for runners. You’ll get images, full descriptions on how to perform and a video to help guide you.

  • 8

    Ultra Runners Pre Race Checklist

    An easy to follow, printable list of the 9 steps to follow as you prepare for your first (and every) ultra marathon.

  • More to Come

    We’re always adding to our library of eBooks and free content, so check back soon!