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Running and Weight Loss: How to Safely Lose Weight Without Sacrificing Your Training

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If so, join our FREE marathon nutrition clinic and learn how to prevent the dreaded marathon bonk and race faster at your next marathon.
  • How to calculate your exact glycogen storage and carbohydrate use so you know exactly how much you have to refuel
  • How to calculate your sweat loss and re-hydration rate to maintain optimal performance.
  • How to develop your individualized fueling plan using you sweat rate and glycogen usage.
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  1. Lisa
    October 8, 2012

    When I was running a lot and training for things, I could NOT lose weight! I know now that it was because I was a cardio junkie and I wasn’t doing the necessary strength training my body needed. It’s funny, I had to stop running for 2 months because of an IT Band issue and I started lifting weights…I lost 5 pounds immediately!

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