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Shooting For a Huge Marathon PR? Nick Arciniaga Teaches How He Approaches Trying for Record Times and Prepares for Hilly Courses

nick-arcianagaAre you trying to knock your next race out of the park? Hoping to improve your marathon by ten, twenty, thirty minutes or more? Than you’re going to love listening to this interview with 2:11 marathoner, Nick Arciniaga

Nick isn’t satisfied with his time and he doesn’t want to just improve by a few seconds. Each race he runs, Nick is determined to put his stamp on the American distance running scene with a time in the 2:07 to 2:08 range.

Going for broke in a marathon definitely takes some courage and Nick is on our show today to discuss exactly how he plans to do it. Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • How Nick stayed confident after a few stagnant marathons where he didn’t see the improvement his training and fitness indicated.
  • What he does when he struggles in workouts when trying to make such a big jump and how he’s learned to “roll with the punches”.
  • How he’s is changing up his training to continually teach his legs to push through the fatigue and handle the late miles of the marathon.
  • Since Nick has run all the Major Marathons (Boston, New York, Chicago), he’ll talk about how he adapts his training to prepare for the specific demands of the course and how he deals with the pressure of such big races.

It’s always great when we can learn from some of the best elite runners in the United States and Nick doesn’t disappoint. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Nick as much as I did and he’ll make your list for runners to follow in 2013.

Watch this week’s show now

Download the podcast version here

Links and resources mentioned in this interview:

Nick’s blog on RunningTimes

Team USA Arizona

Nick’s sponsor, Adidas


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