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Your exact fueling and hydration needs to gurantee you don't hit the wall during the marathon

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A complete Strength Training prescription to help you eliminate injuries and run more efficiently.

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Custom training plan, coaching support, and a supportive community. Achieve your goals today!

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Improve your running form with our 6-week course. Video lessons, guest lectures and exercises.

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  • Step-by-step training guide - 140 pages broken into 4 specific sections: (1) Marathon training basics; (2) Specific marathon workouts; (3) Marathon nutrition for training, pre race, and race day; and (4) Mastering the marathon taper.
  • Avoid the Marathon Bonk - Learn the science behind why runners hit the wall or "bonk" during the marathon. More importantly, learn the specific workouts, training strategies, and nutrition modifications you can make to finish the last 10k strong.
  • Unparalleled knowledge - Training tips, anecdotes, and lessons learned directly from the world's top marathon runners. Utilize the secret training strategies employed by elite athletes to stay injury-free and train smarter.
  • An actual schedule - A detailed 16-week marathon training schedule that assembles the training theory and specific workouts discussed in this book so you can see the plan in action
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