How to Unlock Your Best Stride and Avoid the Habits Holding You Back – Jonathan Beverly

What if someone told you there is no “correct” stride?

That – just like our fingerprints – everyone’s optimal stride is unique to them?

While this goes against the grain of what we runners have been taught, Jonathan Beverly has the proof and expertise to back it up.

The author of a new book called Your Best Stride, Jonathan is a coach, lifetime runner, and expert in running shoes and the running industry.

He writes for Runner’s World and Outside Magazine just to name a few, and he also served as editor of Running Times from 2000-2016.

Today Jonathan’s going to share with us some shocking information on the myths surrounding running shoes and what constitutes a perfect stride, how to counter those lifestyle habits detrimental to your stride, and how to master the best stride for you and your performance.

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Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

  • Jonathan’s new book Your Best Stride
  • Why there is no “correct” stride
  • Stride signature and preferred movement path
  • Why foot strike is overrated
  • The perils of sitting down and other lifestyle habits
  • How to counter the effects of these habits
  • How to avoid “ruts”
  • Universal form cues all runners should know
  • Questions Jonathan is asked:

    3:48 What is your background and how did you become passionate about running?

    6:32 What prompted you to start a writing career centered around running?

    9:26 Can you tell us about Your Best Stride and what inspired you to write it?

    16:03 Why is foot strike overrated and what should runners focus on instead?

    19:30 You argue there is no “correct” stride. Why?

    22:37 How does sitting down a lot affect stride? What are some other bad lifestyle habits for stride efficiency?

    25:42 How does driving, typing, and scrolling through your phone affect posture and arm carriage?

    27:27 How can people counter the effects of these lifestyle habits on their strides?

    31:07 What areas of the body should runners focus on strengthening most?

    38:01 How does switching up terrain and race distance help improve stride and overall performance?

    41:53 Should runners switch the types of shoes they run in regularly?

    44:05 What are the myths surrounding running shoes?

    47:47 What are some universal form cues all runners should follow?

    50:37 Is it more important to strengthen our weak spots than it is to try and consciously change our form?

    52:01 How should runners determine which shoes are right for them and their bodies?

    54:42 What’s next for you?

    Quotes by Jonathan:

    “The kinetic chain starts at the hips, and if your hips are off, then everything else is going to be off. So the focus needs to move up, and [foot strike] is the consequence of an effective stride – it’s not the cause of it. If you try to correct the consequence without addressing the cause, you end up with a mess.”

    “You can think of your stride like your voice. I’m hearing you talk now and it’s the first time we’ve talked, but the next time I hear you I’ll recognize you. And you shouldn’t sound like me – you should sound like you. You vocal chords are different, the length of your neck is different, the size of your lungs is different – all of those things go into creating your voice. And it’s the same thing with your stride.”

    “Because we’ve been sitting so long, a lot of us can’t actually [extend our hips] anymore….If we try, it’s sort of like opening a screen door that only has a hinge one way. If you’re pushing it the other way, you’re going to break the door frame.”

    “[Running drills] aren’t cueing a certain type of stride – they’re just changing the motion, changing the muscle recruitment so that your body starts noticing that ‘oh, if I use the glute instead of the hamstring, we can go easier and faster’.”

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