Successful Masters Running: Interview with Masters World Record Holder Anthony Whiteman

WHITEMANANTHONY-1-Bham8.11How many of you forty-year-olds out there run with the teenagers and college kids, and regularly beat them?

On our show this week is world record holder Anthony Whiteman, who at age 40 last summer ran a 3:58 mile in Nashville, TN to win the professional track meet and become the first man to ever break 4 minutes over the age of 40 in an outdoor mile.

Anthony, who talked to us all the way from Britain, told us exactly how–as a 41 year old–he has continued to run at a high level his entire life.

Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • Changing a training plan as one ages.

  • Jumping back in the game after an extended off period.

  • What it means to be a magpie, rather than a sponge.

  • What the “no running” movement really is about.

If you’re ever going to age (which I hope all of us do!), this is a must-listen interview! Let us know what new ideas pop into your head as you listen.

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Links and resources mentioned in this interview:, including training advice

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