Staying in the Race: 9 Essential Keys to Avoiding Burnout With Jonathan Beverly

Running isn’t always forgiving.

Between injuries, mental ruts, and the curve balls life sometimes throws at us, finding long term success and remaining engaged in the sport can be incredibly difficult, and that’s why Jonathan Beverly’s new book is one every runner needs to read.

The book is called Run Strong, Stay Hungry, and it reveals the habits and mentalities of more than 50 veteran runners who are still running fast decades after they started.

A writer for Runner’s World and lifetime runner himself, Jonathan will give us a peek into the lives of runners like Bill Rodgers, Deena Kastor, and Joan Benoit Samuelson to show us what it takes to avoid burnout and achieve longevity in the sport – both physically and mentally.

P.S. Jonathan was kind enough to offer two lucky winners a signed copy of Run Strong, Stay Hungry! If you’re interested, head on over to The contest will end at 12am EST November 2nd, 2017, so be sure to enter fast!

Run Strong, Stay Hungry by Jonathan Beverly

Run Strong, Stay Hungry by Jonathan Beverly

Questions Jonathan is asked:

4:36 For those who missed your last interview, who are you and what do you do?

5:29 What inspired you to write your new book, Run Strong, Stay Hungry?

8:08 Why was it important for you to include elite and non-elite runners in this book?

11:11 Of the 9 key components to running longevity traits, which are the biggest and most consistent?

13:01 Why do you think most runners face burnout later in their careers?

16:25 What tips da you have for listening to your body and running intuitively?

20:43 When you interviewed Bill Rodgers, what were his train-by-feel methods and can ther runners use them?

25:44 Do you think having fun with, and making a game out of, training runs is important?

27:38 How do you balance fun and competitiveness when coaching young runners?

31:38 Did anyone you interviewed for this book struggle with the comparison trap?

36:40 How did the runners you interviewed deal with natural performance decline and how did they adjust their goals?

40:44 How did these runners handle typical setbacks?

44:56 What makes a good student of the sport and why is it necessary for longevity?

49:36 What’s next for you?

Quotes by Jonathan:

“The physical burnout usually comes because of a lack of variety: doing the same thing and the same type of training over and over again.”

“People overcomplicate it: always having a detailed training plan, hitting certain splits – it becomes obsessive…and when that happens, either you’re doing it all or you’re failing.”

“Gary Allen talks about how a recipe has to be followed exactly: if you don’t have half a teaspoon of baking soda, things are going to blow up….But a chef knows that you put a little bit in and see what happens.”

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