When Is It Too Soon To Run Another Marathon? Coaching Call With Wayne Jimenez

We’re doing something a little different today on Run To The Top and we hope you find it helpful.

One of our athletes, Wayne Jimenez, recently DNF’d a marathon at mile 16 and was not sure why. He has completed marathons and half-Iron Mans, but just over halfway through this race he could not keep going and he’s eager to get back in a marathon ASAP since he still feels pretty strong from all his training.

But, he’s concerned about racing too soon.

Coach Jeff engages Wayne in a discussion to unpack what happened during, and more importantly prior to, the race to help identify the root cause of the issue and to determine when Wayne should make his way into his next corral.

We hope you enjoy listening to this conversation and find some takeaways that help you in your training. We would also love to know what you think of this podcast format as well as any suggestions you have for Run To The Top in general.

Questions Wayne and Jeff are asked:

4:35 Jeff: What’s your running background?

5:28  Jeff: What happened last weekend that prompted you to reach out to RunnersConnect?

6:15 Wayne: How soon is too soon to run another marathon if I didn’t complete my last one?

7:00 Jeff: What was your training program like leading into the race?

8:28 Jeff: Why do you think you struggled so early in this race?

10:41 Jeff: Did you do anything differently with your fueling?

14:20 Jeff: Do you think you’d be able to do another race in the next couple weeks?

18:20 Wayne: Could eating more food, particularly bread, than normal have caused it? Are there better carbs to eat?

Quotes by Wayne and Jeff:

“I’m accustomed to the bonk feeling and I’m shocked that I had that feeling at mile 14 and 15.” – Wayne

“I wouldn’t run 14 miles at race pace for a training run, but it wouldn’t be odd to run 7-8 miles at race pace and then warm down 3-4 and call it a workout.” – Wayne

“All my running buddies who helped me along the way with suggestions, everybody’s dumbfounded on what could have happened.” – Wayne

“Bread is usually going to be a fast-digesting carb. Oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa have lower insulin responses.” – Jeff

“The thing with the marathon is that everything has to go right on race day.” – Jeff

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