Running Shoe Myths Debunked With Tony Pallotta

Our very own community manager, Tony Pallotta, recently joined the RunnersConnect team after owning and operating a specialty running store in Boston for twelve years.

Leaving one running mecca for another, Tony now lives in Denver, CO where he continues working as a personal coach as well as training for his next big ultramarathon.

He has raced everything from the 400 on the track all the way up to Ironman’s and has accumulated enough miles to circle the globe twice, including a double Grand Canyon crossing.

Tony has dedicated so much of his life to helping other runners meet their potential, and not only is he our community manager at RunnersConnect but he’s also a longtime member.

Listen in as Tony shares his insight, knowledge, and experience to break down some of the most pervasive misconceptions about injuries, shoes, and more.


Questions Tony is asked:

2:22 Can you tell us about yourself and your background?

3:38 What was it like transitioning from a RunnersConnect member to a RunnersConnect staff member?

4:28 What are you doing for RunnersConnect?

8:16 How can people send you there questions or interview requests?

9:50 Has the Chump been stumped?

13:04 What was your experience with runners looking for specific shoes based on marketing or word of mouth?

19:41 How can people self-assess their foot type?

27:23 What was it like owning a running store in Boston?

28:57 How often would a runner come into your store looking for a shoe that would fix their issues on its own?

34:51 When are orthotics helpful to runners?

37:19 What are your thoughts on minimalist vs. maximalist shoes?

41:17 What’s ahead for you?

Quotes by Tony:

“It’s that sense of community that makes running an incredibly healthy sport, more than just by the definition of health.”

“I think when people think about their own ‘story’, that it has to be some amazing, powerful story, but I tell people the details are different, among everyone’s stories, but the underlying theme is not.”

“Fixing injuries really comes down to the runner being able to answer questions.”

“You can have a best friend and wear Asics and they wear Nike, and your friendship will not be jeopardized. I promise. It’ll actually be stronger because you’ll both be able to run together.”

“Running does not define me as a person but makes my life whole. It keeps me focused, healthy and inspired to constantly challenge myself and explore the unknown.”

“Specialty run shops are still the heart and the soul of the running community in so many ways. If you’re struggling, you HAVE to go to your specialty run shop; they have a vested interest in fitting you properly.”

“If I tell people I’m going to run 50 miles… I don’t even tell them because they’re like, ‘What? I can’t even DRIVE 50 miles.’”

“When it comes to running advice: question everything.”

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